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today is Ernest Hemingway’s birthday.

i’m going to honor him by hunting down and killing various big game- with a drink in hand at all times.


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shane is having a hard time deciding

if my house was burning, and i could only rescue 5 of my punk records, these are the ones i’d go for (in order):

-minor threat: discography
-descendents: somery
-black flag: damaged
-misfits: collection 1
-adolescents: s/t

(disqualified: the stooges, refused, fugazi, joy division… not strictly “punk” enough)

the ball’s in your court, Kaiser.

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viva italia!

july 4th scorecard:

+mid-week debauchery
-across the street reggae/jack johnson/country bro party
+new bike
+19.2 miles (biked) in 2 days
-sore legs, ass
+overheard bullhorn announcement: “Attention: sausage party on the balcony…”
+rad weather
+75 degree water temps
+uncrowded beach (seriously)
+Italia kicking German ass!
+4 fireworks shows seen from one crucial vantage point
+lighting fireworks in driveways
-hand burns

(side note: i really don’t have anything against the 4th of july holiday, except faux-national/imperialistic pride and the fact that the government can talk some more about wars for “freedom” and “patriotism.” the american revolution was a pretty cool thing: a small band of people rebelling against tyranny and standing up for their rights. Jefferson believed in having a revolution every seven years- sounds good to me.)

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