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Confessions of a record nerd, and more.

i lead a tough life- yeah right.

i spent the better part of the day searching out record stores and trying to find the new Hot Snakes record:
(buy that fucker.)

i went to like 6 different record stores- most looked at me like a fool for asking. some were not open. some had closed down for good. some only sold vinyl.
i must’ve spent $10 in gas and drove from Costa Mesa to Newport, Newport to Laguna. kinda retarded. anyways, i neglected to go to the store literally closest to my house. (i decline to name the store. sorry) not kidding, it’s mere blocks away. my decision was based at least partly on snobbery- i’d been there before, and it didn’t live up to my expectations. so i kinda wrote it off and haven’t gone there since.
and, of course, they we’re the only store that had it.
of course.
plus i found a used copy of Eucalyptus by Pitchfork. fuck.
[side note: i hate it when stores put stickers on the actual cd case, like Cheap Thrills. for whatever reason it bugs the shit out of me. This place does that too, but at least it’s done before you purchase it. however, there were a total of 3 unremovable stickers on the used cd i bought.]

so have i learned my lesson? perhaps…

in other news, i have sort of become a quasi journalist, at least i will be on Thursday night- when i have an “Assignment” “Covering” a rather cool art show for a reputable magazine’s (which i decline to name also) web site. i have to write an article and take pictures. good thing i took journalism in highschool. i’m kinda nervous, but whatever.

rant #4000:
it’s already almost 6 and the mail man was only just here. i hate that. get that shit here early.


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the sheer boredom i feel right now is astounding

it’s saturday… i’m hanging out by myself… i’m dead-ass broke…
a recipe for a good time.

i’ve been watching Shark week non-stop. Apparently, Shark Week has been on the Discovery Channel every summer for 19 years. i guess you learn something new every day. all in all, its a pretty good one (except for this douchebag photographer guy that hosted several of the shows). and also: Sharks+Dirty Jobs=badical.
i’m such a nerd.

oh yeah-
oftentimes in my life i refuse to listen to a band because of their name- regardless of how good they are. i’m trying to get over that. examples of bands whose name took me a while to get over (and are now some of my favorite bands):
-jimmy eat world
-at the drive-in
-hot snakes (actually, i think this is, phonetically, a pretty sweet name now. i didn’t used to like it at all. and it’s origin kind of bums me out too.)
-hella (for gods sake- this word might be the worst bastardization of the english language i have yet to encounter. i cringe whenever i think of it. i hate northern california. but that’s beside the point: the band’s damn good.)
-explosions in the sky (just sounds too emo, kinda like planes mistaken for stars.)

i guess that’s about it. its still a big deal for me. bad band names almost ruin it completely.

am i hungry? i don’t know.

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