the sheer boredom i feel right now is astounding

it’s saturday… i’m hanging out by myself… i’m dead-ass broke…
a recipe for a good time.

i’ve been watching Shark week non-stop. Apparently, Shark Week has been on the Discovery Channel every summer for 19 years. i guess you learn something new every day. all in all, its a pretty good one (except for this douchebag photographer guy that hosted several of the shows). and also: Sharks+Dirty Jobs=badical.
i’m such a nerd.

oh yeah-
oftentimes in my life i refuse to listen to a band because of their name- regardless of how good they are. i’m trying to get over that. examples of bands whose name took me a while to get over (and are now some of my favorite bands):
-jimmy eat world
-at the drive-in
-hot snakes (actually, i think this is, phonetically, a pretty sweet name now. i didn’t used to like it at all. and it’s origin kind of bums me out too.)
-hella (for gods sake- this word might be the worst bastardization of the english language i have yet to encounter. i cringe whenever i think of it. i hate northern california. but that’s beside the point: the band’s damn good.)
-explosions in the sky (just sounds too emo, kinda like planes mistaken for stars.)

i guess that’s about it. its still a big deal for me. bad band names almost ruin it completely.

am i hungry? i don’t know.


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