Halloween Playlist

Shane-hain asked, so here it is. (Shufflified)

Die, Die My Darling: The Misfits
Monsters In The Parasol: Queens Of The Stone Age
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell: Iggy & The Stooges
Store Bought Bones: The Raconteurs
King Ink: The Birthday Party
Deadly Rhythm: Refused
Diabolic Scheme: The Hives
Initium\\Samhain: Samhain
London Dungeon: The Misfits
Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemons): Sunn 0)))
Gallows Pole: Led Zeppelin
American Nightmare: The Misfits
Black Shuck: The Darkness
Head Of The Baptist: Cursed
Halloween : The Misfits
Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight: The Misfits
Omalleys Bar: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Black Celebration Depeche Mode
Demonomania: The Misfits
Skulls: The Misfits
Celestial Crown: The Sword
How The Gods Kill: Danzig
Jack the Ripper (live): The White Stripes
Walking with a Ghost: The White Stripes
Monster In The Parasol: Desert Sessions
He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named: Samhain
Black Dream: Samhain
Your Sweet Six Six Six: H.I.M.
Abra Cadaver: The Hives
The Omen (Ave Satani): Fantômas
Death Comes Ripping: The Misfits
Up In Hell: Desert Sessions
Cape Fear: Fantômas
She: The Misfits
Come to Daddy: Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton
Someone’s In The Wolf: Queens Of The Stone Age
Ghoul’s Night Out: The Misfits
Fearless Vampire Killers: Bad Brains
Children Of The Grave: Black Sabbath
RIP: Cursed
Thriller: Michael Jackson
All My Friends Are Going Death: Some Girls
NYC Ghosts & Flowers: Sonic Youth
Green Hell : The Misfits
A Dead Song: The Birthday Party
Rosemary’s Baby: Fantômas
Barael’s Blade: The Sword
666: John Frusciante
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground: The White Stripes
Down in the Park: Gary Numan
Red Death at 6:14: The White Stripes
Suicide Invoice: Hot Snakes
Religion II: Some Girls
Automatic Midnight: Hot Snakes
Who Died: Hot Snakes
Last Caress: The Misfits
Vlad Tepes: Sunn 0)))
Bladecatcher: Mastodon
Dead Man’s Party: Oingo Boingo
Sympathy For The Devil: The Rolling Stones
What’s Behind The Mask: The Cramps
Horror Business: The Misfits
Blood and Thunder: Mastodon
Winter’s Wolves:The Sword
The Mercy Seat: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Up Jumped The Devil : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Long Way Back From Hell: Danzig
Blue Veins: The Raconteurs
Fade To Black: Metallica
Bringer Of Death: Danzig
Ebethron: The Sword
Halloween II: The Misfits
Zombie Dance: The Cramps
Don’t Fear the Reaper: H.I.M.
No Quarter: Led Zeppelin
6 Feet Deep: Gravediggaz
It Took The Night To Believe: Sunn 0)))
Rather Be Dead: Refused
Superstition: Stevie Wonder
Fatalist: Cursed
Twist of Cain: Samhain
Song of Joy: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
Death Letter: The White Stripes
Someone’s In The Wolf: Queens Of The Stone Age
Ghosts: Shellac
Master of Puppets: Metallica
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: Black Sabbath
Damaged 1: Black Flag
Electric Funeral: Black Sabbath
Track 2: Khanate
Dead Souls: Joy Division
Horror Biz: Samhain
Night Of The Living Dead: The Misfits
Black Thunder: Doomriders
Die, All Right!: The Hives
One: Metallica
Lovely Creature : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Chase The Devil: Eagles of Death Metal
The Opera Song: Botch
I Was A Teenage Werewolf: The Cramps
Colony Of Birchmen: Mastodon
Marry Mortuary: Some Girls
Soul on Fire: Danzig
Hells Bells: AC/DC
Human Fly: The Cramps
Song For The Dead: Queens Of The Stone Age
Hatchet Job: Hot Snakes
The Devil Rides Out (Remix): Fantômas
Your Funeral, My Trial: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

[chosen based on title, lyrical content, and creepiness factor.]


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