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Oh, these days…

Tax season is over, so I’m hanging out with little to do but deal with crazies on the phone.
Oh, that reminds me- Dawn and I would like to copyright this theory we’ve been observing for quite some time:
“There is a direct relationship between the number of crazies in a drug store and how late in the night it is.”
This theory is most evident at the CVS Pharmacy down the street from our house, which is generally always filled with crazies, but much more so at nighttime. Rite Aid, barely a block from our house, comes in second, and the Longs down the street is populated with the least crazies.
Anyone care to corroborate this theory with his/her own observations?

Oh yes, in a bizarre twist of irony, my sister chose the most anti-religion person she could find to be the minister at her wedding- namely, me. I am honored, and I guess I need to buy a suit.

Dawn’s been putting in some serious hours since she’s been lawyering her ass off in court for the past two weeks, which leaves me with a lot of alone time. I like to think I’m utilizing the time well, i.e., going to the gym, eating healthily, practicing/writing/recording music, and reading a ton. However, I did fall asleep on the couch for like two hours yesterday, and then ate a Sprinkles Cupcake after waking up. Huzzah!

Alright… off to Quickbooks.


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