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Todays Playlist

Here’s what I plan on listening do on my Friday at work:

QOTSA: Era Vulgaris

Indie 103.1 radio stream
Bad Brains: Build A Nation (myspace)
Tomahawk: Anonymous (myspace)
Jonesy’s Jukebox

Car: (on the way to and from lunch)
more QOTSA: Era Vulgaris

Henry Rollins/Harmony In My Head podcast/download from Tuesday
Randomness, to be determined. possibly an NPR live show podcast?

Car: (home)
the last part of QOTSA: Era Vulgaris

All in all, a busy day for my ears.

[Note: photo blog still forthcoming. I can’t manage to remember to take a whole days worth of pictures. I either forget halfway through the day, or remember after half the day has gone by.]


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blogs, and such.

Check out Shane’s photoblog. He’s a smart, interesting dude- not to mention a great photographer.

In that spirit, I’m making a “Day in the Life” photoblog entry for myself. Unlike Shane’s, mine should be completely boring and filled with really bad phone-camera photos. Get Psyched! I am.

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