The Wikipedia Trail

Concept: I spend way to much time on Wikipedia looking up random shit. It all starts out innocently enough, only to get out of hand.

Rules: Start either at the Wikipedia home page, or look up something on which information is needed (via Firefox’s search bar, for instance). Document the pages visited via direct links or stimulated curiousity.

Started from: Home Page
1. Buzzcocks “Spiral Scratch EP”
2. Music of Manchester
3. Martin Hannett
4. Dead Kennedys
5. Jello Biafra
6. Liberal Elite
7. HR Geiger’s “Penis Landscape”
8. Mordam Records
9. East Bay Ray:
10.Sympathy For The Record Industry
11. Kill Rock Stars
12.Jade Tree
13. Long Gone John
14. Biafra (in Africa)
15. No WTO Combo
16. Kim Thayil
17. Touch and Go Records
18. Man Or Astro-Man?
19. Slint
20. Theremin
21. Tesla Coil
22. The Simpsons
23. Life In Hell
24. Nancy Cartwright
25. Julie Kavner
26. Yeardly Smith
27. The Flintstones
28. Fruity Pebbles

Allright, that’s more than enough. From Buzzcocks to Fruity Pebbles. Nice!


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