For Whatever Reason, Skateboarding.

I’ve been occupying my internet time these days looking at a lot of skateboarding-related stuff. I attribute this, partially at least, to last weekend’s Rob & Big marathon. So, I read a bunch of skate web pages and stuff and got my motivation back. (On a similar note, I also got my artistic inspiration back, thanks to dinner at El Matador- but that’s beside the point.)
And in that vein, here’s some skateboarding related lists:

Top 5 Skate Shoes
1. eS Koston- The second version, with the air soles. So comfy, durable, and readily available in vegan style. Not too thick of a sole or tongue.
2. Vans Slips- Always there for me.
3. Vans Half Cabs- Super ugly (and leathery), but gnar tough, and I used to think they made me skate better.
4. Airwalk Jim- From back when Airwalk was gnar (94-95 ish). Simple and timeless. I prefer mine with a bunch of Shoo Goo (Paso Represent!) on the ollie patch. [Note: I had both blue and maroon flavors. Ahhh, for those simpler times…]
5. Emerica Templeton- Ugly and kinda fat. But durable as hell and vegan, and it’s Ed Fucking Templeton’s shoe.

Top 5 Skate Shops
1. Alliance
2. Alliance
3. Alliance
4. Surfside [Note: It’s 2 blocks from my house, for god’s sake.]
5. Active [Note: Only, and I mean only because they have cheap wheels.]

Top 5 Tricks on the Paso Skatepark Wedge Bank [Note: I’m really a pretty terrible skateboarder, but I feel like a cool dude when I do my silly little tricks on this silly little section of our park.]
1. Fakie 50-50 to revert
2. B/S 5-0 off the end
3. F/S 5-0 revert
4. F/S disaster [Note: Hiiiiiiyooooo!]
5. 50-50 kickflip 50-50 blah blah blah

Top 5 Skate Injuries
1. Permanent wrist injury- Vans Park, right before Thanksgiving 2004.
2. Right ankle sprain- Attempted b/s noseslide on some ghetto ass funbox at a pre-park Paso bash. Out for 3 months. The beginning of the decline of my skating days.
3. Left ankle sprain- First skate after above. Bailed manual pad. Thought that shit was broken. Out 3 more months. Sealing of the deal for my transition from “Skateboarder” to “Guy Who Owns a Skateboard.”
4. Big bank First Blood- 3rd person to skate the Paso Park, first to do so with super loose trucks. Also first to publicly embarrass himself there. “First Blood!” is what Jeremy yelled as I hit the flat.
5. Constant shinners- Always. From the day I got my first shred to 2 days ago. My shins are bumpy as hall. Memories of going to bed on late summer nights with bloody shins.

Top 5 Skate Companies
1. Toy Machine
2. Consolidated
3. Girl
4. Scarecrow
5. Zero- Until all that cross bullshit.

Top 5 Skateboarders
1. Ed Templeton
2. Rowley
3. Koston
4. Some dude that I forget at the moment.
5. Jamie Thomas- See #5 above.

Top 5 Skate Vids
1. Welcome To Hell
2. Consolidated- #1
3. Zero- Thrill of It All
4. Landspeed
5. Girl- Yeah Right!

Top 5 Ghetto Paso Skatespots
1. Wal Mart Curb- Default because it’s hidden and never disturbed.
2. Meat Factory! Old school. Only a few still remember.
3. Wal Mart McDonalds- It smelled bad, but had a fun gap and manual pads.
4. Paso High- Hiding from cops on the roof= good times.
5. Pat Butler- I think this place could accommodate like 300 people at a time. It used to be like a party there every Saturday night, and no one cared! Oh, the good ol’ days.

Top 5 Skate Soundtracks
1. Minor Threat
2. Beastie Boys
3. Descendents
4. Adolescents
5. Slayer always works.


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