Lately, I’ve been obsessed with:

-Morrissey:Everyday Is Like Sunday.
-Getting new adidas (it’s like coming home after being lost).
-The combination of Swiss cheese and alfalfa sprouts on sandwiches.
-Finding a suitable desktop background for my computer.
-Fender Jazzmasters, Ampeg Dan Armstrongs, Fender Dual Showmans.
-Getting a new videogame system. I can’t look at them, because I lose control of my laughter.


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One response to “Lately, I’ve been obsessed with:

  1. brian

    [Note: I had a dream about Ampeg Dan Armstong guitars last nite, as a matter of fact. This is the latest development in my series “Brian’s Semi-Frequent Dreams Regarding Ampeg Musical Equipment.” The first one involved the Ampeg VT-40 amplifier. Jesus, I’m a fucking dork.

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