These things don’t usually go this well.

Not much going on here in blog land.
There’s a feature in Blender about the worst lyricists in rock music- and it’s pretty good. Accurate too (surprisingly). Sheck it out here.

In the “Fascinatingly Disgusting” Department: [Note: Beware.]
I have lots of problems with my ears. Nothing serious, just superficial, annoying things. Earplugs and iPod headphones don’t fit in my right ear- I think it’s oddly shaped. I have declining hearing (or so I thought). And, horrendously, I produce and inordinate amount of earwax. Yes, that’s disgusting. I know- I have to live it.
Anyways, every couple months one of my ears (usually the bastard on the right) gets completely plugged. It happened again on Tuesday, worse than ever, and I’d had enough. So I went to the doctor, and some unfortunate (but nonetheless pleasant and gracious) nurse had to clean out my ear. And it wasn’t pretty. I’ll spare the details, but let’s just say I could start an organic candle business very easily.
My point is this: my hearing isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was. I can hear far better now, especially in the higher frequencies. Thank you, Dr. Lo, and Nurse Whose Name I Didn’t Catch. You’ve just contributed to my year of re-birth (first I find out I’m younger than I thought, now this). The moral of the story is: Doctors are not bad, but very useful. Also- don’t clean your ears with Q-Tips. Ever. Seriously. Not that I did, but- seriously.

Finally- Plotting has begun on my Soon-To-Be-Legendary Halloween Playlist. Criteria: Outrightly evil-related song name, subject matter, or general creepiness factor. Ideas welcome. Also- (Shane) let me know what your playlist might be.

Post-Finally: Copious research has begun for my guitar nerd blog (hopefully Blog-Cum-Empire).

Post-Post-Finally: Waaaaay to many hyphens. I apologize.



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2 responses to “These things don’t usually go this well.

  1. Andy

    Holy shit, Brian has a real blog too! Nice man.

    Sounds like you’re still pretty into music. Good stuff. I wish I had time for music these days. I figure it’s one of those things I’ll pick up when I’m “old” again. Sad I know. Or maybe when my kids get old enough to teach them…yeah, that will do it.

    OH, about earwax. I really enjoy getting my ears cleaned out by doctors…seeing those giant mounds of wax is just morbidly satisfying I guess. Like “Yeah bitch, I made that!” And the world does sound a bit clearer afterwards.

  2. brian

    A big thanks to you, Andy, for being the first person (besides my vain self) to comment on my blog.
    Then again, you might be the only person that has ever read it- which I am entirely fine with. [Note: ok, so that’s not entirely true. Dawn reads it, and she told me last nite that she wanted me to post that she jumped off Justin’s roof too- albeit not in the nude. But, wow, that’s so far beyond the point.]
    Also, thanks for the linkage on your blog (top spot!). I’d hook up some reciprocal sidebar linkage, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.
    And yes, I am proud of my earwax. I like to think of my “talent” as quite extraordinary. It’s already, as of this morning, began to rebuild it’s kingdom.

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