Evacuations, and… Lunch.

First up, check out my old friend Andy’s (I’m not saying he’s old, he’s just been a friend for a long time… but he is older than me) blog. His observations are way more interesting than mine, plus he likes comic books. And he majored in Japanese (IIRC- maybe it was “just” Linguistics?). And his blog is very visually pleasing.

Second: Southern California is going up in flames around us, and I was reading an article the other day with people talking about what they would take with them if/when they had to evacuate their house. What would I take?
-Our cat, Oliver (he’s quite furry and I’m surprised he hasn’t lit on fire before. He looks to be more combustible than most animals, so he gets a very high priority. Well, that and I really like him).
-The Macbook and my 2 hard drives. (Yeah, superficially, my life is pretty much that computer. I don’t think I could bear to lose my Protools song files from one drive or my iTunes library (especially if I couldn’t grab my record collection) on the other).
-As much of my music gear as possible (I would be uncontrollably depressed without it. Priority goes to my SG and the Mesa amp head, both of which I have a ton of sentimental attachment to.
I guess that’s it. Maybe a few pairs of jeans, some t-shirts, and a hoody. And a power strip, if I have tons of time. Dawn said similar: cat, computer, pictures, jeans.

Lastly: In case you wondered (and you definitely shouldn’t), I eat pretty much the same thing for lunch every day. As follows:
-Main course: Usually a Tofurkey/cheese/sprouts sandwich. Peanut butter and (only) raspberry jelly, or leftover pasta are the only variables.
-Trader Joe’s String Cheese: Like a preschooler.
-Trader Joe’s Woven Wheat Wafers: Like Triscuits, but better because they are slightly saltier.
-Trader Joe’s nonfat yogurt: Usually only raspberry, but I’ve rotated in black cherry, starting today.
-A gala apple.

I don’t know what motivated me to type that out. I apologize.



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2 responses to “Evacuations, and… Lunch.

  1. Andy

    I’m still eating string cheese too! Awesome.

    I popped over to check your site out and hey, you linked to me, what a kind hearted man you are. Props.

    I eat nearly the same thing every day as well, not quite as healthy as you though. Do you care what I eat? No? Then I shall lambaste you with my disinterested factoids: meat[x]/spinach/swiss/spicy mustard sandwich, string cheese, variable crackers, those new “healthy”, “all natural” white cheezy poofs (damn are they good!), an oatmeal raisin granola bar, a pack of fruitsnacks and (lately) an ambrosia(?) apple.

    I envy that you are still making music…I’m still collecting instruments, but rarely get around to playing them anymore. My next target is an acoustic bass (Washburn AB-20 I *think* is what I’m after).

  2. brian

    Yeah, I figured out how to put links on the actual blog itself (or there on the right side. And don’t think just because I buy all my food at Trader Joe’s that I’m overly concerned with being healthy- it just means I’m cheap.
    RE: Acoustic Basses: I was thinking about getting one a while ago, but have since shifted my focus to hollowbody electric basses, thinking of a kind of best-of-both-worlds scenario. There’s some pretty cool ones out there for not a lot of money like the Epiphone Jack Casady or a used Epiphone Rivioi. Both can be had for around $500. Even a vintage 60’s Gibson is around $1000. I don’t really have too much experience with straight up acoustic basses though. Washburn is a solid brand though.

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