Halloween Blogstravaganza, pt. II

Or, The Economics of Candy Tampering.

Are concerned parents/authority figures still alerting childern to the dangers of tampered-with candy? That was a big deal, back in the day. Thankfuly, I think my parents were a little to sensible for that whole craze, and with good reason.
Who wastes their time, and, more importantly money tampering with the candy they are about to give trick-or-treaters? Seriously- the notion is ridiculous.
If I know one thing about drugs and/or razorblades, it’s that they cost money. Why would some dude, presumably a drug dealer (or really, just someone who happened to have an above-average amount of drugs laying around), just decide to forgo all the potential profit (or high-ness), and just dole ’em out to unsuspecting Ninja Turtles and Witches? It’s not like they could come back once they got hooked and get more (the candy is laced, get it?).
Same goes for razorblades/needles/whatever. It’s not like the kids instantly ingest the razor blade and the deviant can revel in the the childs pain. There’s no payoff. Even serial killers need a payoff.
I’m sure it was all a huge conspiracy by the religious right to dissuade people from celebrating a “Pagan” holiday, so pardon me while I go worship the Dark Lord.


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