Some ill-informed and ill-formulated bullshit.

I never really discuss it (besides ranting about socialism and the abolishment of the class system), but I have a lot of interest in business and the interesting contradictions that make up the modern capitalist economy.
One thing that consistently baffles (and really bothers) me is the “Microsoft Mindset”- that is, diversifying your product offerings to a confusing and nonsensical degree. This doesn’t come from the fact that I am a life-long, card-carrying Apple acolyte (cause I am), it’s just a pet peeve I have about the business world. Google tends to do the same thing, just in my opinion, not a recklessly as Microsoft.
Why does Microsoft need to compete with everyone? I have never been able to understand why anyone, in business or life, refuses to be content with just doing one thing (or, a few things) really well.
Besides how to funnel money into it, what does Microsoft know, for instance, about web searching? What would make me, or any other Joe Consumer choose Microsoft Live Search (or whatever clever branding they’ve come up with) over Google (user friendly and familiar) or (feature packed)? Why don’t they just make a cool operating system- or even one that doesn’t suck?
Ok, I just got really bored.
Maybe I’ll finish this later… but probably not.



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2 responses to “Some ill-informed and ill-formulated bullshit.

  1. Andy

    God dammit. I had a whole semi-witty comment typed out, then I hit submit and wasn’t logged in right or something, and it ate it. Awesome.

    There was something in there about hating iPhones, and Microsoft being retarded for 27 versions of Windows Vista.

  2. brian

    I trust it was truly witty. Thanks.
    (PS: I typed this on my iPhone with as little pretension as possible.)
    I agree with you on the 27 different versions of the same thing. Also, I didn’t realize until recently that people pay to use AOL (this is only slightly related).

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