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Going Back On My Word, Or, Overgeneralizing About Music and The Great Meat Experiment

Yeah, I know that’s a sweet title for a post.
First things first:

1.Overgeneralizing About Music

I’ve said for years that I hate Ween. This is generally true, though it dawned on me today that there is one exception.
Buenas Tardes Amigo
I like to think of it as a collaboration between Inigo Montoya (you killed his father, prepare to die), Ennio Morricone (thanks, Captain Obvious), and Walter/Wendy Carlos (there is a definite Kubrick thing going on in the background tracks), but it’s really just Ween. Trust me, it’s a sweet tune with a ton of interesting layers. I believe I first heard this song years ago on a snowboard movie soundtrack (Peter Line’s part), and I have, in fact, always liked it. Plus the Ween dudes get points for being on a Desert Sessions.
But they are still pretty fucking annoying otherwise.
And, like divine clockwork, a newer Radiohead song (“Bodysnatchers,” according to iTunes) comes on the radio. And yes, I’m actually into it. Well, the bassline mostly. Thom Yorke fucking ruins the rest of the song, as usual.

And in case you were wondering (you shouldn’t have been), here’s some electro-ish jams I’ve been into these days:
-LCD Soundsytem: Someone Great [It sounds like an old song, but I haven’t figured out which one yet.]
-MGMT: Time To Pretend [Good lyrics and Zelda-esque music- a winning combination.]
-Teddybears: Punkrocker [Actually, I’ve been into this song, hard, since last summer when Shelby turned me on to it. It is, as they say, “Awesome.”]

2. The Great Meat Experiment
It’s no secret to most that I was a vegetarian for a looooooong time. Seriously. Like 10+ years. But then I got bored. And started becoming obsessed with Anthony Bourdain. And curious. I never really had a reason for not eating meat (I don’t particulary care about animals, except cats, and most people don’t think they taste very good anyway). So, for 2008, it was on. Or off. Or Whatever.

And I’m not going back.
Mostly cause of shredded beef tacos. Here’s the scorecard so far:
Mexican style shredded beef tacos/burritos, etc.: Fuck yeah.
Chicken: meh. Whatevs.
Pork/Ham: Good stuff, to be sure. I gotta get my hands on some prosciutto and some fine bacon (not Farmer John).
Steak: Kinda hard to cook, since my grill’s broken, but still pretty good.
In-N-Out Burger: Not impressed. I prefer, taste-wise, In-N-Out grilled cheeses.

All in all, a success. Don’t think I’m heading off to McDonalds anytime soon- this is a new opportunity for snobbery. But I still like to keep ’em guessing.



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Heads up, douchebags.

Beards aren’t cool*. They haven’t been for quite some time.
They don’t make you “punk” or “indie,” especially if you live in Brooklyn.
See also: short-brimmed hats**.
Oh christ! How could I (almost) forget all-over prints? Horrible.

[*Unless you’re in Grinderman, or you are Zack Galifinakis.]
[**No, they are not called “fedoras” regardless of what you may think. It’s a Trillby, motherfucker! Also, I am assuming you are not brain-dead enough to be wearing a Bowler.]

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