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Basic Boring Update

-Moving May 1st: Moving in is fun, moving out sucks. Come visit me- four blocks from the beach! Gas stove, but no a/c (bummer).
-Ate waaaay too much last weekend, and played waaaay too much Smash Bros. (thanks Chase).
-Tax Time
-St. Patrick’s day is horrrrrible. “Celtic punk” bands are horrrrrible.
-Toooooooo maaaaaaaany repeateeeeeeeed letteeeeeeeeersssssssss.
-Music stuff:
New Raconteurs today. GO BUY IT.
New Nick Cave in a week or two.
90’s cover band (possibly) on the horizon.
Song Ideas (on the basis of possible audience appreciation):
Foo Fighters: Monkeywrench
Toadies: Possum Kingdom
Breeders: Cannonball
Radiohead: Creep
some Beck song that’s not too hard to recreate live
Blind Melon: No Rain
Cranberries: Zombie
Semisonic: Closing Time
Fastball: The Way
some Smashing Pumpkins song
Everclear: Santa Monica
Folk Implosion: Natural One
Mazzy Star: Fade Into You
My Bloody Valentine (i wish)



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