Things I Like to Make Fun Of:

Because I’m an asshole, and am really quite funny.

-Overly concerned parents (“My Babies!”)
-PT Cruisers
-People talking on their Bluetooths
-MySpace profiles
-Your favorite bands
-Jock culture: bros, brew-has, hoverload, brew-hos, lifted trucks, dirtbikes, wakeboarding, slutty girls with blonde/stripey hair, Huntington Beach, Riverside, Pennywise (ha, “Bro-Hymn,” this shit writes itself), Social Distortion
-Heartwarming stories
-Sex In The City
-Bad taste in guitars
-Scene kids
-The Valuation of Adulthood

I think I’ll stop there. This could’ve gone on forever.



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3 responses to “Things I Like to Make Fun Of:

  1. Andy

    I agree with most of those. Points of otherness:

    -When/if you have a child, you’ll be amazed at how much your perception of things change…you’ll (probably) worry about the silliest things. I know we do. It goes easier though…but right in the beginning, on the first one…scary.
    -It’s (finally) illegal to talk on your phone without a headset in Washington, and coming soon to Oregon I think. So, at least in my line of work it’s “required” to some degree for lots of folks to be on the phone while driving, hence the headsets. I still think they look funny though, and love to make fun of a businessman who takes themselves too seriously.
    -Radiohead: first 2 albums were awesome.

  2. brian

    Ha! I thought this might come up.
    -As long as you don’t have the stick-figure-family-representation sticker on your minivan’s back window, you’re safe from my scorn.
    -We have the same law in California, as of 1 July. There’s still no excuse for walking around town talking (shouting) on those lame-ass things though. The over-serious businessman is what I had in mind- we have a lot of those ’round here.
    -Radiohead: If nothing else, “Creep” is a fantastic song, and I must admit I have a thing for Jonny Greenwood. But it’s too easy to ridicule the seriousness with which Thhhhhhom Yorke takes himself, and the fans (and undereducated journalists) take the band.

  3. brian

    And while we’re at it, make no mistake, I absolutely love the first Social Distortion record- “Mommy’s Little Monster.” After Mike Ness went from “He’s possibly gay, but kind of still a badass” to “He’s a Johnny Cash listenin’ outlaw badass” that shit plummeted right downhill.

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