Bands I Wish I Liked

-Crass: So punk, but so bad. I love everything about them except their music.
-Fucked Up: Mostly because the singer’s bald and fat.
-Pavement: No cred for me, I guess.
-Melvins: I just can’t back Buzz’s voice.
-Jawbreaker: You don’t remember them because you’re not OG emo like me and my peer group.
-Pink Floyd: I like the whole idea of Syd Barrett and playing at a volcano, but then my good taste in music kicks in.

Thats all for now.


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One response to “Bands I Wish I Liked

  1. Andy

    Pavement is a mixed bag for me. Some of the albums (the last two I think) are very listenable all the way through, while others are all over the place and make for an odd album experience. All their albums are, unfortunately, in the pile of 100-200 cds I will be getting rid of.

    Pink Floyd: I like some of their songs, but I, probably like you, just can't "get them".

    Jawbreaker: heard of, don't think I've heard. Same with Crass & the Melvins.

    Never heard of Fucked Up, so you are more r331 than me!!

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