Cool Shit Vs. Bummer Shit

Cool Shit:
Mind-fucking Mogwai gig the other night
Raconteurs on Monday @ The Greek
Magazine subscriptions
Matador Records being the only good record label. (And Dischord too, duh.)
The Traveling Wilburys
Impending fall (seasonally)
Samuel Smith’s
Shred Sticks
Getting my favorite jeans back from being mended
Gabe from Videogum (Example: “I believe that my limited experience as Governor of Zings more than qualifies me to be the Vice President of Zings.”)
Finally (almost) completing my pedalboard
The Ben Kingsley/Minor Threat video (look it up, I haven’t the energy)
This Picture: 

And this picture (Thurston gets around):

Bummer Shit
Ultimate Fighting’s popularity (and the dumb-ass Affliction shirts that go along with it)
Bands that dress like 1800’s train conductors (I’m looking at you Dr. Dog & Fleet Foxes)
Not getting off my ass and onto one of the old shredsticks
Needing a new ride
WaMu going to shit
Trying to install Norton at work
Dawn being in Tahoe (on business! wtf?) without me
The new adidas store not being open yet
Not having a good phono preamp (Shit! The Batcat 12″ is on the way! Roky Erickson is in those little grooves!)


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One response to “Cool Shit Vs. Bummer Shit

  1. onefinemess

    I do dig the Wilburys. Vol 2 is the shit.
    Norton = always shit, sorry about that man.

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