Looking Forward the Recession (Depression?)

Firstly, because no one in my immediate circle is looking like they will be directly affected at the moment. And Dawn and I have a pretty good amount of job security at the moment. But I do feel for the people that screwed by bad mortgages and shady investment bankers (isn’t that all of them?).
OK, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, lets get selfish:
-Less cars on the road: less traffic, less gas burned, less demand for cars and gas.
-Car makers building higher value cars, with better fuel efficiency. It’s kinda nerdy, but I have a desire deep down inside to drive an all-electric Mini Cooper.
-The absolutely retarded world of the musical instrument industry will (hopefully) come to its senses. Used/vintage stuff is obscenely overpriced. Gibson is raising prices by double digit percentages while skimping on quality. As soon as people stop buying overpriced shit like brand new $5000 guitars “relic-ed” to look old, normal dudes like me that just like to make music just might become able to get some good sounding stuff at reasonable prices.
-Housing prices are plummeting. Needless to say, I would love to own a house one day. Loans will be harder to get, but that’s why we pay attention to building good credit, right? Right?
-The music industry as we know it could finally be put out of its misery. Right now it’s bloodied and beaten, laying on the floor of some backwater Texan chapel (only way less awesome and ass-kicking, like The Bride), waiting for Bill to come finish it/her off. [Admittedly, I was thinking that was a good analogy at the beginning, but now I realize it kinda sucks. Sorry.] I like the idea that becoming a musician isn’t an automatic meal ticket for fameseekers.
-Public Works. Remember that brilliant package of borderline-socialist economic stimulus plans? No, the one that started in 1933. FDR? Keynes? Ring a bell? Yeah, The New Deal, dig it. Farm programs, WPA… Good shit could really be done, all while stimulating employment and spending. Dear Mr. Next President Who I Hope Isn’t That Fascist Moron John McCain: Hook it up. Build us some roads and schools and stuff. Oh, and while your at it, subsidise the arts and artists.

Also check out this article.


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One response to “Looking Forward the Recession (Depression?)

  1. Andy

    Yeahhh…this whole thing has just got me..well, doing nothing. There’s nothing TO do really other than watch at the moment and hope our jobs last, because we just bought a house! Not the *best* time to buy, but at least it wasn’t the worst. Sigh.

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