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Norton 360 Is A Horrible Peice Of Shit

It wont let me post in response to topics on here (but I guess that’s what I get for blogging from work). So this is in reference to the post below:

@Andy: I read that too, but I also read today that they we setting up a meeting, so I guess we’ll see what happens. And thanks for the vote of confidence, but I doubt increase readership would have any effect on my laziness.
@Time Magazine (who I didn’t attribute that quote to): Sorry, but shouldn’t it be “disproven?”


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I’m not a "spiritual" dude, but I’ve always liked this guy.

“Though he is a spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama also holds a doctorate in philosophy. He rejects anything that has been disproved by scientific inquiry and dismisses Buddhist teachings not verified by science.”


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Get Linked.

-Certainly sleazy- there’s no debating that. But he is doing a lot of good, and making good clothes. Click!
-Rats are ultra awesome. So is shredding! Click!
-The worlds longset insect- enough said. Click!

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And, In Other News…

-Dare I say, things are looking up for my birthday. It’s weird having hope for the country. My inner ultra-negative cynic isn’t totally going away though.

-On a related note, if this whole election clusterfuck turns out favorably, I’d really like to visit Washington DC. I’ve always wanted to go (to the Smithsonian, especially), but banished the idea from my mind about, oh, eight years ago.

-This is a pretty funny article- not only because the idea of the Chinese Democracy record is hilarious, but they put up a picture of Radiohead instead of that cornrowed, football jersey-wearing fatty. I think Axl thinks they are the same band anyway, so that may just be the picture the record company sent. It’ll probably be taken down soon, and I dont know how to take a screenshot in (bleeeecccch) Windows. Check it quick!

-That is all.

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Ways to Describe The Aural Experience of Seeing My Bloody Valentine Live

-Having your brain fucked by a jet engine
-Standing under the space shuttle for 15 minutes during takeoff
-Riding a missle, Dr. Strangelove style, home from a rave
-Being drug about via 747/chest harness
-Being trapped in a reverse sensory-deprivation chamber
-Only bad things happen at volumes this loud. Like the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium collapsing.
-Eardrum holocaust
-Near-panic loud

Check out this article for a good representation. It really was a strange, unbelieveable experience. And I don’t say that hippy shit often.

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