The Best Junk Mail Ever?

Junk Mail: my truest, in every since of the phrase, Love/Hate Relationship. Sure, it’s one of the hugest ass-pains in modern society, but without it, where would we get gems like this one (allegedly from “GOPUSA Friends”):
Subject: “Chuck Norris To America: Wake Up!”
Of course, I didn’t open the message, but did I really need to? Nah. It says EVERYTHING in that subject line. I love that I’m even on the (obviously purchased) mailing list for these supposed “GOPUSA Friends.” It takes away the need to gloat.


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One response to “The Best Junk Mail Ever?

  1. onefinemess

    Hey, comments are working again!

    Man, people are obsessed with Chuck Norris these days. I wonder if being a huge internet joke means your political opinions matter?

    That being said, he was badass back in the day.


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