Things I’m Into: RIGHT NOW Edition

Apologies for the net-yelling. I wanted capitalizations, so deal with it.

Music: Blasts from the past:
The Get Up Kids (freshly reunited!)
The Descendents (RIP Frank Navetta)

Long forgotten webzines:
Suck dot com: I didnt make that a link because the site hasn’t been around for years, and I didn’t want to inadvertently trick anyone into clicking a porn link. I’m not sure that it is a porn link, but I’m at work and don’t want to find out [edit: the site is still there! Thanks wikipedia!]. Anyways, Suck was a back-in-the-day internet site that I thought was funny in my 14.4 dialup netscape days. I was just telling Dawn how my mom was dissatisfied with me because I had a graphic from the site as my desktop on my OG computer. Anywho, it was a picture of 2 socks with a sign that said “Live Fast, Die Young.” Needless to say, I don’t think she (my mom) got it. “They’re socks, mom!” I said. There was also a little blurb on the AV Club on how a bunch of their articles were made into a book. [Note: an (probably not) exhaustive google image search failed to retrieve said socks.]

Hating on the Weather:
Really? 94 degrees in the middle of November? Southern California, you’re a dick. Just a I had decided to embrace  the whole “Christmas decorations start even more incredibly earlier” thing, it becomes July again. [Note: This was originally gonna be a “Music for Winter” post, but I need a few days of sub-70 degree weather to get back in the mood.]

Doris Kearns Goodwin: Team Of Rivals
The latest in my “bought-as-a-gift-for-my-stepdad-and-then-stolen-back” series. You: “Ooooh, such a topical reading choice!”



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2 responses to “Things I’m Into: RIGHT NOW Edition

  1. onefinemess

    Enjoy the California indefinite summer bitch!

    Huh, didn’t even realize Get Ups were broke up…their last album wasn’t THAT long ago was it? They still have a pretty strong catalog.

    I think I must have missed the Suck boat. I vaguely recall murmurs of it…but who can remember the ’90s well?

  2. brian

    Luckily, it’s cooled off to the typical Southern California mid-70’s. Ahh, winter…
    RE: TGUK- yep, the broke up in like 04 (I think), and I went to their “Farewell” tour, which was fantastic. Apparently their gonna do a tour and a bunch of special stuff for the 10th anniversary of “Something To Write Home About,” which is one of my fav records.
    Also: the 90’s just might be our 60’s. A blur, but with (possibly) less drugs. And the phrase “missed the Suck boat” is hilarious when taken out of context- nice!

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