The Great Dr. Pepper Debacle of 2008

Yes, its an overstatement, but I really wanted a free Dr. Pepper. Since the World’s Greatest Comedy Record came out the other day, I was looking forward to signing up for my free Dr. Pepper- which leads me to my point:
IT people responsible for estimating server traffic the world over should be fired, because they are always wrong.
Now, I know that the Dr. Pepper example could be just Dr. Pepper trying to avoid sending very many people a free DP coupon. This, being the most likely case, should result in Dr. Pepper being fired.
However, think of other examples. The 2 recent ones that come to mind are the Firefox 3 launch and the iPhone Firmware v2.0 launch. According to my simplistic understanding of economics (read: 4+ years studying it in school), it would appear that turning people away from your website/store would not be beneficial to the “bottom line.” Is it that hard to overestimate? You have months! At least 6 months, in Apple’s case (AND THEY MAKE SERVERS) to get some extra lines flowing.
The only solution is thus: fire everyone everywhere involved in estimating server traffic on launch day.

You’re welcome, bottom lines everywhere.



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3 responses to “The Great Dr. Pepper Debacle of 2008

  1. onefinemess

    I had on problems getting Firefox 3..on several different computers. Your fruit shaped computer is just cursed.

    So did you listen to that album? Is it any “good” in the sense that the classic GnR stuff was “good” ? … ;p

  2. brian

    Well, I really like Appetite For Destruction, and Use Your Illusions are kinda meh at absolute best, and the new one is, in a word, terrible.
    No matter how you slice it. And then you consider it took 17 years or whatever, and it seems even worse. I could only make it though 2/3 of the record.
    I always thought Axl was annoying anyway.

  3. onefinemess

    Trying to listen to it now…it sounds like GnR but..Axl sounds fat somehow. Age & torn up vchords I guess.

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