The Current "Stuff."

-Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountian (By Strategy)
-Mogwai [as usual]: The Hawk Is Howling & My Father My King
-The Beatles: The White Album
-Melvins: The Maggot [Dude, I like it! Sorry for calling you out in the past Buzz]
-The Andrew Oldham Orchestra: The Rolling Stones Songbook [The last song on here may sound very familiar to you. Research!]
-Mastodon: Blood Mountain
-Scott Walker: Scott 2
-To buy: new (International) Noise Conspiracy, new phono preamp

Other Music Stuff:
-Geeking out over Mastodon recording a new record: check this and this.
-Have a bunch of Boris records to go through that I “got” from my brother. He loves the sludge-metal, that’s for sure.

Holiday Attack:
-Other than getting engaged (geez- obvs, Brian), Thanksgiving was memorable for these reasons: A)The worst heartburn of my life. B) Drinking alcohol before 9 am for several days in a row (see “A” above). C) Playing video games with parents/adult family (it was Wii, but still. My Mom thinks creating “Mii”s is the most hillarious thing ever).
-I started Christmas shopping earlier than ever this year. Congrats to myself for good planning/budgeting.
-XMas tree this weekend?

Wedding Attack:
-1 week into planning and shit’s going pretty well. After some haggling over the date (and many, many congrats to Megan and Morgan), things are going nicely. Only 10 months to go!
-The first thing I did when I got home and plugged my music hard drive in was start playlisting. I AM UNSTOPPABLE, and possibly the best DJ ever.



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5 responses to “The Current "Stuff."

  1. onefinemess

    I have to say it sounds like you’re into “harder” music than I am these days.

    Have you checked out Gaslight Anthem? Their ’07 album – Sink or Swim – is nuts. This year’s is decent too.

    Good luck with the planning…ours wasn’t too bad either. The guest list was the worst part.

    Well, and paying for it. Paying for it was the worst.

  2. brian

    RE: Hardness- it’s all about balance. For every Mastodon, there’s a Sigur Ros, for every Converge there’s an Abba. I really don’t like too much in the realm of “typical” metal (hardly anything actually). I like the weird/technical stuff and the loud slow lumbering stuff. But it usually pops up in my listening very frequently in one form or another (if you think about it, the guitar sounds on The Blue Album or Siamese Dream are pretty fucking heavy, by the way).

    RE: Gaslight- I did not know they had an older record. I thought they’d been around a while, but I guess I didn’t know their newest was so recent. Regardless, I had checked out the new one and wasn’t into the guys vocals. I’m like the Potter Stewart of vocal assessment- I don’t know what I dislike, but I know it when I hear it. I should give Sink or Swim a spin though. Thanks for the rec.

    RE: Weddings- I’m glad we were able to flesh out that it would be far enough in advance that we could avoid, at least for the time being, and sort of rushing. I know it will be there eventually, but I like systematically knocking a few things down at a time. The guest list has gone pretty smoothly thus far, mostly because we have my sister’s wedding as a template. She had it at my Mom’s house (as are we), but she invited waaaay too many people, so we’ve been able to look at the guest list with a pretty critical eye as a result. And money does in fact suck, always.

  3. onefinemess

    You could charge people. Tell them the food is totally worth it. And to bring a gift.

  4. brian

    Heh, like a college house party. Everyone pays for a “red cup.”

  5. onefinemess

    I’d go to that wedding. Tuxedo kegstands? Lift the veil to hit the beer bong?

    (Pretend that I drank beer in college for this to work. In reality I was a hard liqueur man.)

    PS. If you turn on the comments thing in your sidebar it will make it easier for me (and other losers!) to tell where you have replied.

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