2 Recent Revelations

I was watching Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (again) the other day and I realized two things:

1. Lauren Hill is certainly the best female singer in modern music. Seriously- her voice is amazing, easily ahead of Beyonce (sorry Beyonce, no time to hunt-and-peck for your accent marks), Christina Aguilera (whose voice has like, zero personality), and Alicia Keys (she comes in second place, bolstered by her friendship with Jack White). However- I can’t stand her! I don’t know why. I love the Fugees, but she drives me nuts for some reason- maybe because she is rather nuts herself.

2. It’s a serious bummer living in a world where Dave Chappelle is still in virtual hiding. I know he has/had a lot of shit on his mind- but come say hi once in a while Dave! Even an Oprah appearance would be welcome.



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2 responses to “2 Recent Revelations

  1. onefinemess

    That is a great “movie”. Oddly, I think..I think we may have gone to see that and taken my Aunt when she came to visit.

    I love the Badu track in there..but I was really pissed that the full performances were not included on the DVD extras. Which was why I bought the goddam thing…

    WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously. Insanity.

    Lauren does seem kinda crazy….religion does that sometimes.

    I think you just admitted you (would) watch Oprah.

  2. brian

    Yeah, soon as I heard about the bummer lack of extras, I decided to skip the dvd purchase (I watched it on TV this last time). And yes, I did (and would) voluntarily once watch The Oprah for the Chappelle interview.

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