Notable Stuffery

This close to having my turntable set up again. It’s been a long while- since I moved out of my Mom’s house in college, to be exact. Got some new speakers this weekend, fanagled a vintage receiver from Hall Manor (thanks Ross), still waiting on my new cartridge from Amazon- should be here any day now. I’ve got a bunch of records that have never been played- time to put a stop to that.

Listening lately:
-(some CD compilations to listen to in the car)
       Mogwai EP Compiliation: EP+2, Bat Cat, My Father My King
       My Bloody Valentine: Glider + Tremolo
       The Clash: Assorted Dub (the only reggae you will ever hear me listening to)
-Sigur Rós: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
-Hot Snakes: Automatic Midnight

Watching lately:
Imagine: The Story of the Guitar (BBC Bootleg!)
John Adams
Taxi To The Dark Side (Fuuuuuck…)
Bigger, Stronger, Faster

The Death of Indie 103.1FM:
Bummer. Jonesy’s Jukebox was the best radio program ever conceived.

And finally- Blogism
See the sidebar at left for new friend-bloggage. Including, but not limited to: Megan J’s Carnival Preparations and Morgan C’s drawings of flesh-eating diseases/zombies. Enjoy!


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