Some Times It Just Takes a While To Get Things Done

Like, say, 6 or 7 years.
Case in point: my turntable. Like any self-respecting young “punker,” I’ve had a record player and the requisite Minor Threat 7″s for years. However, I never had it set up correctly- until last night. See, I never had a stereo with the proper phono input/preamp, so playing records involved plugging the beast into my crappy bookshelf stereo and turning the volume waaaaay up, and listening to records without the proper EQ curve. I could’ve bought a phono preamp, but who has $50, right?
Anyway, I recently aquired the proper receiver/preamp, bought a classy new needle/cartridge, bought some new speakers (hooray gift certificates!), new speaker wire, etc. etc. etc. After a liberal application of electrical contact cleaner (the balance & volume knobs were corroded, causing distortion and general not-workiness) last night, I’m in business- finally. And it really does sound great. Apparently the reciever I got from my parent’s house is very well thought of in stereo cicles (it’s a Luxman R-117, if you care. But I know you don’t). Fantastic. I don’t plan on replacing my (hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of) cds, but when new stuff, or stuff that I don’t physically own is available on vinyl, that’s what I’m buying.
One thing I’ve got to get used to: having to stand up and walk over to the record to see the track names.
One thing I don’t need to get used to: vinyl really does sound better. I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

Records I’ve been listening to on the beast:
-Hot Snakes: Suicide Invoice (with a rad extended version of Paid In Cigarettes that I’d never heard until now!)
-Mogwai: Bat Cat EP (it’s a 12″ 45! Those crazy Scots!)
-At The Drive-In: One Armed Scissor single (yes, there were some cool things about my old job.)
-T.Rex: Electric Warrior (I always regretted buying the album from iTunes, and now I’ve made it right.)
-Big Black: Songs About Fucking (of course I have to have a Steve Albini record on vinyl. It’s virtually required.)


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