Good Night & Good Luck, My Old Friend.

So, it finally happened. I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends this last weekend.

Yeah, I know… traumatic/dramatic. She required a princely sum to get running again, in addition to untold future investments- so I decided the do the economically smart thing and invest it in an otherwise more reliable vehicle:

And so now I join Maine residents and various other hippies as the proud owner of a Subaru. I am very proud of my absolutely pragmatic decision making.
Dawn played DJ on the way home (ipod connectivity!), and after the obligatory round of Hot Snakes, she made the best possible choice: 99 Problems- immediately easing my separation anxiety from the Red Dragon, at least temporarily. The first record you listen to in a certain situation is very important, I think. (Also noteworthy- the first song I heard on the car’s radio was Q-Tip. I didn’t even know he got played on Power 106 these days. Even so, a very good omen.)
So, I say a tearful goodbye to my friend of 12 years, and bid a bittersweet welcome to a new one.



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4 responses to “Good Night & Good Luck, My Old Friend.

  1. onefinemess

    Maturity sucks doesn’t it?
    When time finally came for us to replace our car, we went with a Passat for the whole safety thing.

    I had zero urge to kiss our old Neon though. It sucked.

  2. brian

    I like how you are like the wise elder giving sage advice about my passage into manhood. God knows I could use it. The Subaru got 5 stars, btw, though I was more concerned with protecting any musical equipment that might be riding along with me.
    The fiancé (first time typing that) said the same thing about her Neon- ha!

  3. Red She Said

    WHAT? How could you have parted with that red vehichle? For fucks sake, that is the vehicle we went to see our buddy Peter Wentz in. Have you no heart?! Ha ha.

  4. brian

    Yeah, the old Red Dragon did haul around piles of Wentzian Literature quite well.

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