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Obits: I Blame You and One Cross Apiece- The One Cross 7″ is the winner here. The two songs are great and (understandably) is a great transition between Hot Snakes and this, the first Obits recording. The full length is great too- I prefer it to the Night Marchers record (sorry other 3/4 of Hot Snakes, Rick wins). It’s more surf guitar/Duane Eddy inspired than the single. Subpop was a little late sending these out (boo), however, they made up for it (almost) by doling out stickers, buttons and a limited edish Obits hologramy-thing. It used to be my job to fill packages with that stuff, but it still makes me as giddy as a little girl when I get it myself.
Mastodon: Crack The Skye– Very, uhhhh… psychedelic. And awesome. It sounds exactly like I expect it to sound, based on the concept. Mystical-czarist-space-hallucination-metal! I don’t know if I like it better than Blood Mountain, but I like it a lot.


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The Overheard Asshole Files (A New Feature)

This one requires a little background info. The office space that I work in is divided in half- one side is our (mine/boss’) and the other side is subletted out to another guy. The other guy in question, I have determined is quite possibly THE WORST PERSON EVER. Well, he’s no Hitler or anything (actually, if he wasn’t so lazy, he might be just as bad), but he’s certianly the one and only truly bad person I’ve ever met. He’s a born-again, a (relatively newly-minted) gun nut, an unbelieveable rascist, a sexist in league with O’Reilly, and just all around scumball sleazebag.
And no, I’ve not called him out yet- I’m saving up.
Anyway, being a blowhard-know-it-all is the most immediately noticiable of his many horrible traits. He doesn’t really do too much in the way of working, it’s mostly just barking ridiculous rhetorics and degradations at people over the phone and telling them how much more knowledgeable (then they) he is. He talks really loudly (so we can all hear him), so I am consistenly overhearing him, and I’m planning on making a log of some of the nearly unbelieveably things he says thoughout the day. Sorry everyone. It’s your turn to share in my misery.
3/26/08: “What are these guys smokin? yukyukyuk”
“These women don’t have God in their life- they just have no connection to reality”

You might think this is a bit of a slow start- but just wait. I promise it’ll get better/worse.

[Oh, I almost forgot- here’s an entry for yesterday: 3/25/08- He is listening to the Jurassic Park Soundtrack.]


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Why I Try Not To Write About Music (UPDATED)

[When I originally wrote this, the Buddyhead website was down (way down), but, merely a day or two after I clicked “Post,” theyre back (way back). Even with a new gossip post! It’s like 2002 all over again! So, in short, THEY WIN.]

Because there are a few people that do it far better (and far less annoyingly).
If you’re interested, check these out (in no particular order):
Buddyhead– the original and best. They’ve mellowed out (at least in terms of spending time on the internet), but have always been unstoppable. Much to the chagrin of their enemies (countless), they actually know what they are talking about and have great tast in music (I’m willing to forgive the Oasis-worship, dudes). For god’s sake, they’re language artists, brah.
Stereogum– All around top quality (and it’s sister site, Videogum, is one of the best sites of any category, ever)
Idolator– Interesting articles, less news-reporty than Stereogum or BV.
An Aquarium Drunkard– Low post volume, but of the absolute highest quality, musically, aesthetically, and writing-wise. Stunningly good.

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And The Award For Current Best-Thing-In-The-World Goes To…

The Fake Nick Cave Twitter.
Far better than the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Classic gems (I just coined that phrase).
-Opening a vegetarian restaurant called “Murder Salads
-Attempting to one-up Jarvis Cocker’s tie choices
-Consistent mustache-groomery
-Being unable to tell if he’s speaking to Blixa or his answering machine
-Tagging, and then untagging himself from Mick Harvey’s facebook

Really, it’s just hundreds of Nick Cave nerd in-jokes. Good thing I’m a Nick Cave nerd.

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The Business of The Business

It’s taken me a while to chill out after that last post, but I think I’ve reached my equilibrium once more. Here’s some shit that sucks way less than that horrible movie:

-Our wedding has a blog. How technological! I’m having a hard time not being pretentious and cynical on that one (see: “The wedding event of the Century-” sorry, I was a Marketing & Hyperbole major).
Check it out:
-Choosing menu items for said wedding- even though Dawn didn’t like my original Asian-fusion theme. Early California Homestyle, here we come! (The Chili theme was passed over as well- bummer.)
-Listening to the Paul’s Boutique reissue non-stop. The mix is way better, plus it sounds great on wax.
-Also listening to Spiritualized’s Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space almost as non-stop. It really is a masterpiece too. He’s doing a Don’t Look Back performance of the record in the UK and I would give my cousin Michael’s kidney to go. Sorry Michael, but that’s the price for tax advice.
-…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dads: The Century of Self- another really good plateful of jams.
-The time changing back. Unfortunately, this just makes laziness harder. Possible, but harder nonetheless (that’s what she said).
-iPhone OS 3.0: Yeah, copy & paste, finally.


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Watchmen Was So Unbelieveably Horrible

I’ve never wanted to walk out a movie at so many different points- including within the first 5 minutes. I don’t even want to talk about it, really.

So here are some movies I’d have rather spent my time/money on:
-Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector
-An American Carol
-Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever
-Charlies Angels 2: Full Throttle
-Paul Blart: Mall Cop
-Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li
-Speed/Speed 2 (Double Feature!)
-The DaVinci Code
-Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3
-Dave Matthews Band Live Bootleg Series
-Any Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Julia Roberts romantic comedy
-Testicles Being Crushed In A Vice: An Exhausitve 13-part Documentary


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Hate-Reading Pitchfork

I like doing surveys because I’m not really very creative. So in the spirit of staleness and predictability, I appropriated one from, where they ask pretentious and overrated musicians about (mostly music-related) things. Let’s do this!

>> Favorite Songs from the Past Year
Hmmm, off the top of my head:
Batcat– Mogwai
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!– Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Time To Pretend– MGMT
>> Favorite Older Songs at the Moment
Elton John- Rocket Man (I heard it on TV last night, so it’s fresh in my mind.)  
>> Favorite New Band
This question is bad because “new” is so fucking subjective. You’re the worst, Pitchfork.
But in the spirit of playing along, MGMT is probably the newest band in my collection.
>> My Dream Collaboration
To collaborate with me? Anyone, almost.
To collaborate with each other: Josh Homme & Jack White on a Desert Sessions record, Boris and Mastodon on a noise-metal record.
>> Favorite Song Ever
How could someone choose this? Here’s a selection:
Merchandise– Fugazi
A Day In The Life– The Beatles
Teenage Riot– Sonic Youth
Tangerine– Led Zeppelin
Plenty For All– Hot Snakes
>> Best Recent Concert
The last one I went to was one of the best- Mogwai in LA. As of right now, that’s also the nest concert I’m going to.
>> Last Great Film I Saw
Man On Wire
>> Last Great Book I Read
I’m reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It’s great. 
>> Favorite Piece of Musical Equipment
Mainly the versatility of my Gibson SG, but really any guitar- especially electrics plugged into a shitload of pedals and a fucking loud amp.
>> First Record You Ever Bought
You know, I don’t really remember, and I was trying to figure this out the other day. The earliest one I can remember is buying the Nirvana cds of Nevermind and In Utero from my friend Lawrence for $10. He had decided he liked rap. But that was in like 6th or 7th grade, and there must have been some sooner. The first records I remember getting as a gift were: The La Bamba Sountrack, a Cars tape, and Michael Jackson’s Bad.

>> Favorite Record Shop
Fucking Amoeba Hollywood of course. It’s always crowded, but that’s because it the world’s best record store.

>> Favorite City to Play
Based on my extremely limited touring experience, I’m gonna say San Luis Obispo.
>> My Dream Merch Table
None, like Fugazi.
>> A Popular Artist I’d Like to Fall Into Obscurity
It’s hard to be an “artist” when you are popular, but Diddy or Britney Spears fit, in the absolute loosest definition of the term. As for those who consider themselves “artists,” I have to say Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen (sorry Andy). Oh, and Arcade Fire!
>> Obscure Artist I’d Like to Become More Popular
See above. I don’t really want to live in a world where everyone listens to “obscure” shit, but I think Queens of The Stone Age should be more popular.
>> Strangest Display of Affection from a Fan
n/a, thankfully.
>> Best Purchase of the Past Year
Have to say the Subaru.

>> Best Thing I Did This Year
>> Favorite Venue
The Troubadour.
>> Favorite TV Show at the Moment
Too many. Arrested Development is the all-time best. Others: No Reservations, Lost, Classic Albums. Top Chef has lost much of it’s appeal since Thumb-Head’s win.
>> Favorite Video Game at the Moment
Temporarily gave up Zelda to focus on Wii Sports and Call of Duty: World At War. Now it’s back to Zelda.
>>Favorite Radio Show
The oft-lamented Jonsey’s Jukebox, and the newly reborn Harmony In My Head.


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