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Well. God damn.

What a strange few days. I’m not goning to do any eulogizing (except: ilovemichaeljacksonandhewasthereasonifirstbeganlikeingmusicandwherewouldmusicandtheworldbewithouthim andhewasagniusandhegavealotofpeoplehappinesseventhoughheallegedlymadesomepeopleverysad. Ok, done. sorry), but I will say that when I was a little kid I had a red leather jacket with a bunch of zippers on it, and I wanted to be Michael Jackson. AND THAT WASN’T WEIRD AT THE TIME. Ahem.

And Farrah? She really died of anal cancer? Geez. Sorry Farrah.

And Ed McMahon, and Sky Saxon… And Lindsay leaving Videogum? SERIOUSLY GNAR WEEK, BRAHS.

At least we still have Beck though. He’s a little nuts, but listening to his Velvet Underground covers cheered me up.
I mean, how great would it be to roll down to Ocean Way (or Cello, or EastWest, or whatever the hell it is called now), grab some friends, have a hot blonde girl play sitar (I mean… I would teach Dawn to play sitar, duh), and record an entire album of great covers over a couple of days- just for fun?  Live the dream, Beck Hansen, Live The Dream.

And finally, Explosions In The Sky tomorrow- time to get our cinematic-hipster-emo on.



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The Best Things Happen When You Ditch Work

Justin and I have, pretty much since we’ve been friends, always discussed how much we wanted to go see Conan O’Brien. Oh the heady days of college life in San Luis- we even stayed up (way too often) to watch the second round of NBC late night shows that they replay after Carson-Whatsisname is on: the secret second Conan!

Anyways, being broke ass California kids, the only plan we could come up with was that either of us would eventually become a famous musician who’s band would be invited to play on the show, and they would take the other as part of their “entourage.” Foolproof plan, really. Then NBC did the right thing and got rid of that unfunny fool Leno and replace him with the Absurdist Genius that is Conan. Initially, I never thought that they should have moved Conan to LA, but thus far the benefits (the return of Andy Richter, Max & The Band, same crew) have far outweighed the negatives. So of course, my honor required I get tickets. Of course, I wasn’t able to get them for the first two weeks, but I locked down Episode 14.

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Dear SDRE Fans: You’re Welcome. Love, Brian

Yes, we’ve all gone first-wave-emo bonkers hearing about the impending Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour (or at least I have). You may have not noticed one crucial element, however. Luckily I, being the nitpicky sort, did.

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Working On It.

Making the move. Get hip.

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TOAF 6/8/09

“If it wasn’t for Christ, I’d be out there arming people…”
Then, a few moments later:
“What’s you name again, buddy?”

I can only imagine what the poor operator on the other line was thinking after getting this craziness espoused to him/her completely randomly. Ha!

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As The Mighty Marvin Gaye Once Said, "What’s Goin’ On?"

Answer: nothing.
Sorry Marvin.

-Too many records to buy, too little $$$. New Sonic Youth tomorrow will burn a hole in my wallet, however.

-Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I’ve kept my love of basketball (actually, just Lakers Basketball really) hidden from nearly everyone for a really long time.
I suppose there are several reasons for this:
A. Definitely not punk.
B. Too much Nike. All that swoosh represents is the enslavement of thousands of Chinese babies.
C. Team sports go against my ruggedly individualistic nature. The American dream, right?
Anyways, in my old age (57 this November), I’ve been getting to the bottom of the following:
A. Not being so much of a dick.
B. Getting back to my roots.
C. “It’s like Hamlet said- ‘To Thine Own Self Be True.'”
“Hamlet didn’t say that
“I think I remember Hamlet accurately.”
“Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did.”
So that’s a lot of existentialism backing up my Los Angeles Lakers fandom. I’ve got no exit strategy for that point.

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains! Finally available. So, the movie may not technically be very well filmed, but the message is undeniable. They should show this to young girls everywhere. It does a very good job of telling the story of strong girls without trivializing them. Netflix it- seriously. I first learned about it through the transcendently-before-it’s time Grand Royal Magazine. Which brings me to:

Grand Royal Magazine. If there was ever any one group of people that were/are consistently ahead of every curve, it’s the associates of Grand Royal. Initially, GR was the Beastie Boys vanity record label- however, it evolved into the most unbelievably trend-predating tastemaking organization in the history of pop culture. Not only did GR bring us 4 beyond-great Beastie Boys full lengths (and countless single/eps: see Aglio E Olio, Country Mike’s Greatest Hits, Root Down), but they also introduced most of the world to Spike Jonze (Sabotage. Where The Wild Things Are. Girlfilms. Genius!), At The Drive-In, artist sanctioned mp3s (really. Ask this guy), and the Mullet (I’m not kidding). Grand Royal Magazine (“Long Awaited, Much Anticipated, Grossly Outdated”) was their compendium of coolness. It only lasted 6 issues, but contained way too much excellence to post here. I have all the issues except for the first and fourth ones, which are nearly impossible to find- so let me know if you come across one. I re-read them all from time to time, when I feel like I need tips on Adidas Vs. Puma, building a demolition derby car, the best ways to harass Ted Nugent, Moog Synthesizers or the truly original expose on the mullet epidemic. Ultimately, the Beastie Boys’ unwavering ability to see the future got them out of the record label business before the shitstorm, and now Grand Royal Magazine is a memento of a cooler time- just the sort of thing that the magazine would’ve written about.

-Dinosaur Jr, Freak Scene. Had to “get” the remastered version of Bug (see first item, above). It sounds 1000 times better than the original version, and just fucking shreds. I am now 100% a Dinosaur Jr. fan, whereas I was only like 50-75% before Saturday. Also, perhaps I could work this verse into my wedding vows?
Sometimes I dont thrill you
Sometimes I think Ill kill you
Just dont let me fuck up will you
cause when I need a friend its still you



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