Dear SDRE Fans: You’re Welcome. Love, Brian

Yes, we’ve all gone first-wave-emo bonkers hearing about the impending Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour (or at least I have). You may have not noticed one crucial element, however. Luckily I, being the nitpicky sort, did.

(From the Stereogums)

“To help celebrate, Sub Pop will also be reissuing re-mastered, bonus-tracked copies of Diary and LP2 on 9/15.”

Yes, you read correctly: remastered.

Send your “Thanks For Leading The Charge” donations to my paypal.



Filed under Hipsterism, I Am Still Punk, I call them 'records' and not 'cds' because I'm an elitist, Ranting, Vinyl Snobbery, Why The Fuck Has This Not Been ReMastered?

2 responses to “Dear SDRE Fans: You’re Welcome. Love, Brian

  1. Hmmmmm. Definitely have to listen.
    Go you.
    Gotta update my links now, forgot you moved.
    What am I not ashamed of anyway?

    • theunimpressive

      Haha, you’re not ashamed of anything. Or at least for the purpose of my catchy link titles. Of course, I just used that title ’cause I thought it sounded catchy- I have no problem changing it if you like.
      Speaking of which: can the blogroll links be arranged any other way than alphabetically?

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