The Best Things Happen When You Ditch Work

Justin and I have, pretty much since we’ve been friends, always discussed how much we wanted to go see Conan O’Brien. Oh the heady days of college life in San Luis- we even stayed up (way too often) to watch the second round of NBC late night shows that they replay after Carson-Whatsisname is on: the secret second Conan!

Anyways, being broke ass California kids, the only plan we could come up with was that either of us would eventually become a famous musician who’s band would be invited to play on the show, and they would take the other as part of their “entourage.” Foolproof plan, really. Then NBC did the right thing and got rid of that unfunny fool Leno and replace him with the Absurdist Genius that is Conan. Initially, I never thought that they should have moved Conan to LA, but thus far the benefits (the return of Andy Richter, Max & The Band, same crew) have far outweighed the negatives. So of course, my honor required I get tickets. Of course, I wasn’t able to get them for the first two weeks, but I locked down Episode 14.

Of course, it was only right to bring Dawn (she lists Conan as one of her heroes on her myspace profile after all, and that is one reason I love her), Justin (of course) and his ladyfriend Carly. Look how excited they are, as we waited in line:

Of course, we kind of got the meh-ier episode of the week. Larry David, Kobe Bryant, Will Arnett, and Phil Jackson were all on at various point the same week, but we did get us some Jack White, in the form of his new band The Dead Weather. Who, admittedly, aren’t that great. But whatevs, it was still hilarious. Of course, the NBC pages threatened grievous bodily harm to anyone who took pictures, so the line is where it stopped.

The show itself was a marvel of efficiency. Pretty much what you see on TV is what goes on, except for the Tonight Show Band plays all the way through the commercial breaks, and they play for about 10 minutes before the show. There’s also a warmup guy that comes out, tells you what to do, what not to do, and makes fun of you. Dawn, Justin and Carly found him tedious, but I thought it was funny. Other slightly tedious bits- the dorks that laughed unnecessarily loud right behind us, and the fact that the USC marching band played. Interesting bits- the way they get the audience to quiet down coming back from commercial is to remove your ability to hear what’s going on unless you shut the hell up. It’s not like they can have a PA system going in the vicinity of all those microphones after all.

Here’s our TV appearance, in “blob of color” form:

And here’s the show if you want to watch it (of course you do).

Finally, after the show, Justin and Carly had to go eat “Shitty homemade pizza” with some of their friends, so Dawn and I had unbelievably amazing pizza at Mozza. Seriously good, and not that expensive, considering the quality. That damn Mario Batali has ruied my idea of pizza forever. I suggest sitting at the bar- the bartenders are great. And the Caramel copetta with marshmallow sauce & Spanish salted peanuts was fucking great- and I don’t even really like desert. One of the more fantastic meals I’ve ever had.

And one of the more fantastic ditch days I’ve ever had as well.

Oh yeah, here’s a killer LA billboard too:

Those marketers really believe in keeping their messages simple.


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