Hypertext Is For Linking, Of Course.

  1. I’ve known Bryan since preschool, where we were in a gang together. That is not a joke.  I think we were called The Cobras and had customized camouflage t-shirts to back it up. I spent a lot of time at his house as a child- playing Excitebike, building Legos and practicing archery. Now he’s a globe-trotting creative, and I suggest you check out his burgeoning internet empire.
    Bryan’s Blog
    Bryan’s Tumblr
    Bryan’s FFFFound
    Bryan’s Flickr

  2. Ian Svenonius is a hero of mine. He’s been in some great bands, wrote an excellent introduction to Glenn E. Freidman’s book of Fugazi photo’s Keep Your Eyes Open, and has a great interview show on VBS. Here are a few of my favorite episodes (Though all of them are great).
    Kevin Shields
    Steve Albini
    Adam Adrock Horovitz
    Ted Leo
    Henry Rollins
    Ian MacKaye
    Andrew WK
    Mike Watt
  3. I just want to make it clear RIGHT NOW that I am not just now jumping on the Where The Wild Things Are bandwagon. It has been, since my early childhood, one of my favorite books. My fandom has not been rekindled by the upcoming movie- it never got un-kindled in the first place.
    That being said: I am so fucking excited to see this movie, and I am so fucking filled trepidation from all of the inevitable hipster-vomit that is sure to come out of it. Spike Jonze is one of my favorite people (not just one of my favorite directors) of all time. [Note: Dave Eggers is an entirely different story altogether (I refuse to go into it here for the sake of not wanting to get into an argument with Dawn about it later), but I’m more than willing to get past that.] I have been mostly successful at avoiding the trailers for the film since I don’t want to ruin ANY surprises, but the one before the Harry Potter movie had me tearing up with glee. Even though it had an Arcade Fire song in it. I’d also like to point out that if I do anything WWWTA-related in the future, it would be done wether or not the movie came out in October 2009.
    ANYWAY- the point is Mr. Jonze, et. al., have an awesome blog about cool shit related and unrelated to the film.
    We Love You So

Ok, that’s enough for today. Go read a book.



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2 responses to “Hypertext Is For Linking, Of Course.

  1. Is it not ok to like Arcade Fire now?
    Letting oneself be defined by any kind of societal construct, even the “anti-“, seems a bit high school to me.

    I’ve read Wild Things to my son…probably 700 times in the last two years, give or take a 100. It took me about 500 reads to notice (ok, my wife actually told me…) that the size of the page increases as he slips into imaginationland. I thought that was cool that there are still little things buried in there. I do wish Sendak had done the reverse as he retreated from imagination though, because I’m anal like that. Although, one could argue that the last page is the most extreme example of what I’m espousing…

    but that’s just crazy talk!

    • theunimpressive

      It’s not ok for me to.
      You and your “societal constructs.” I’m far too punk for that! Geez.
      J/k man, and I had never noticed the page size theory (fanboy cred score=down!), but I’m certainly gonna check it out when I get home. You learn something new everyday- if it’s a good day, I suppose.

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