When I’m Not Planning A Wedding

…I’ve been listening to music.

  • Arctic Monkeys- Humbug: Ok, this is a pretty great record. I never liked this band before I heard “Crying Lighting,” and then I come to find out Josh Homme recorded it? Fucking great move, boys. A fucked up reverby desert carnival atmosphere was all this band needed to be able to tickle the balls of greatness. It’s kinda like is Morrissey was a teenager in the 90’s and met Josh and they formed the Arctic Monkeys instead of QOTSA and The Smiths.
  • Drive Like Jehu: The more I listen to Jehu, the more I’m convinced they are one of the greatest bands of all time. When I was a sophomore in high school we used to have to do stupid ice breaker brain warm up exercises at the start of class. One was “Give yourself a foreign name and tell us what country you come from.” Having read about them in a magazine out of pure luck I said “I’m Jehu, from Israel.” The teacher made fun of me. Fuck him. Little did I know it would take another 5 or 6 years to again encounter Jehu’s greatness. Check out great live shit here: Do You Compute?
  • Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix: There are so many things one could hold against Phoenix- they’re French, the singer is Sophia Coppola’s boyfriend, they’re French… But if nothing else, I will go to my grave loving “Lizstomania” and “1901” (and the rest of the record). Great songs and good novelty-European production (compressors sidechained to the kick drum- I’m looking at you). The record that I will always link with Summer 2009.
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Your Funeral…My Trial: The last of the recently reissued first 4 Bad Seeds records. I’m proud of myself for not buying them all at once and giving them each a chance to soak in. A good cross between piano balladry and noise. And the documentary special features on each cd are great, of course.


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2 responses to “When I’m Not Planning A Wedding

  1. Interesting, looks like we had opposite reactions to the Arctic Monkeys album. After the first two (which were admittedly mixed horribly with the level/volume/loudness whatever it’s called set way to high and not nearly enough volume difference nuance), I was hoping for more youthridden-angsty rock. I know, I know – but I need at least one band for that right? Instead I get some lazyboozy sounding introspective crap. Don’t we have like, 7 million indie bands for that already? Rock needs love dammit!

    I agree on Phoenix/1901. That’s a great song (Elkland-80s revival done better!). I listened to the rest of the stuff they had up on myspace and none of it really grabbed me though – too all over the place. I like a little unity in bands I’m going to spend $$ on.

    I also haven’t checked out Jehu in years, I’ll have to peruse that link.

    And yes, I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve never listened to a Bad Seeds album. I know I know!

    Lately I’ve been listening to: new Rancid, Passion Pit, Jens Lekman, Metric & still getting to know Jawbreaker – I was 10 years late on that bus too. I think I remember seeing Dear You at someone’s house in high school too. Someone who must obviously be an asshole for not demanding that I borrow and devour that album.

    • theunimpressive

      -I love the lazyboozy! (And no, we don’t have seven million. I wish we did.) It can rock without being fast.
      -As for Phoenix, there are a few songs on the album that I dig. If the stuff that is on their myspace is from their older albums, there aren’t many pop gems to be had. It’s all more mellow/acoustic electronic.
      -As for the Bad Seeds, I’d recommend starting with their newer records and going backwards. If you don’t like the new stuff sou probably wont like the oldest stuff. Murder Ballads is pretty universally enjoyed though- and it’s about the midpoint (thus far) in their carreer/style.
      -The Passion Pit, Jens, and Metric albums: I concur! Jams all- especially the Pasion Pit song “Little Secrets.” Love the vocals on that song. Rancid I don’t know about. I heard the single, thought it was terrible, and remain blissfully unawares of the rest of the record. It’s a risk I haven’t decided on.
      -Not a huge Jawbreaker fan myself, but they certainly are good. What I remember from h.s. is the t-shirt with the salt girl on it: “When It Pains It Roars.” I’m sure Jeremy had that shirt.

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