Fijian Scorecard

So much to the dismay of our credit cards, we decided to go gnarly and take our honeymoon in Fiji. And it was rad, of course (and actually, surprisingly cheap). While we were there I started typing up a journal, but then I got sick and lost interest in favor of sleeping and hanging out in the bathroom (maybe I’ll post it later). Here’s the condensed version:

+ Going on vacation, obviously
+ Traveling with Dawn is the best
+ Fiji is almost annoyingly beautiful
+ Fijians are unbelievably nice
– The 10h40min plane ride there was super tough and everyone was noisy
+ &- the bus from the airport to the ferry marina was craaaaazy
+ The ferry to the island was ultra scenic and relaxing
+ The resort was super small (24 guests) and mellow and the staff was ridiculously cool
–  Only one of my 2 power adapters worked
+ The bed was comfortable
+ The food was great
– Frighteningly large spiders had to be walked under at least twice a day
– I got sick for 1 day and it was terrible
+ They had medicine, ginger ale, and specially prepared dinner for me
+ We made tons of international friends because all of the guests hung out together
+&- We had to be evacuated to the top of the island due to a possible tsunami! Unbelievable!
+ Drank kava, mouth numbed
+ The reef was crazy, there were tons of fish, and huge sea snakes!
– We didn’t see the mystical turtle
+ I now find the sound of small boats comforting
+ We are now expert kayakers
+ Coconuts
– Terrible ferry ride on the way back: high seas, terrible dvd selection by the crew [Pussycat (?!), Far Cry, The Eagles Unplugged), extra 2 hours due to a blown engine
+ Dawn convinced the guy sitting next to us on the plane to move
– the lines at LAX were a mess

Check out my pictures here.



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2 responses to “Fijian Scorecard

  1. Sounds mostly awesome. I’m confused as to how the plane ride is a plus though.

    How’s married life? Do you notice a difference?

    • theunimpressive

      That was a typo (fixed).
      Married life differences: saying “my wife,” our kitchen full of gadgetry, thinking about all the administrative nonsense we have to still do. Standard stuff, really.

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