It’s been a month, I should probably catch up.

So the wedding went down, and it was pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. [Shit! What if not everybody watches Curb Your Enthusiasm? Ridiculous, I know- but still possible. Therefore, a translation: “It was totally killer!”]

It looked great (thanks to Dawn and our family/friends), the ceremony was great (thanks to Justin), the food was great (thanks to Cahoots Catering), the music was great (thanks to me, the great de-facto DJ Brett, my musical pals Jason & Justin, and Gabe’s PA system), and the party was great (thanks to our guests). Dawn and I both agreed that the biggest bummer about it being over is not having all our friends in one place- which NEVER, EVER happens, and which we really enjoyed and appreciated. It also kind of seems like we didn’t get to hang out with all the guests enough, but that couldn’t really be avoided, I think.

  • So yeah, good times. Here’s a sampling of some pictures the great Jeff Newsom took. SERIOUSLY impressive.
  • And here’s our rehearsal dinner. Note that my brothers and I have a boy band called “Just 3 Broz.”
  • And lastly, here’s my bachelor party– which was held at a cabin quite literally in the middle of nowhere. You would be surprised how well actors, musicians, scientists and salesmen can shoot- at least when they have grown up in Paso Robles CA.


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3 responses to “It’s been a month, I should probably catch up.

  1. OK. Wow. Those shots of your wedding are fucking incredible.

    What was making the light trails in the last one?

    Wait, you had strippers AND guns AND alcohol? In a cabin in the middle of nowhere? And no one accidentally killed a stripper? Miracle. Amen.

  2. theunimpressive

    That crazy light picture involved a really long exposure (I think), and the photografer running around us like a madman with a little lightbox. Super crazy. We still haven’t seen the rest of them, but we are anticipating some similar craziness.
    And no strippers were harmed. More importantly, I still have never had to experience a Paso/Templeton/Atascadero stripper. Thankfully.

  3. I figured you had them shipped in from a higher quality locale. Like Shandon.

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