Bands I’m Into Hating These Days & More

Cause I’m a cold, hateful bitch. This could be a lot longer I suppose, but my attention span is way too short for that. So here are a few things (records) that have been on my mind lately, for better or worse.

  • Cold Cave: OK, American Nightmare dude, we get it. You’re an artist and these days you like Joy Division more than Earth Crisis. I loved Some Girls, but you totally blew it with the Ian Curtis impression. Not to mention, the music’s terrible. Even harder for me to digest is the dork-blog appreciation this band gets.
  • Guided By Voices: Since, oh… 1995, I’ve been getting GBV and Yo La Tengo mixed up (what an alt-rock faux-pas! [clicks suicide shotgun]). Anyway, I totally hated some GBV songs and really liked a few, or so I thought. Turns out out the song/s I liked were actually Yo La Tengo, and now I can fully express my dislike for the writers of “Bulldog Skin.” That song is fucking horrible.
  • Flaming Lips: Speaking of “Artists,” here we have Wayne Coyne And Some Other Dudes. Still with the giant bubble Wayne? We get it. You are weird. Second only to Radiohead on the Unjustified Popularity & Respect Scale.
  • Dirty Projectors: I guess they’re not really that bad. They did do a record of semi Black Flag covers, which is a huge plus, as long as you’re not Creed or The Goo Goo Dolls or something. Again, puzzled by their acclaim.
  • Grateful Dead: Old habits die hard. As a young “punk,’ I made a shirt (ripped off from Kurdt Cobain) that said “Kill The Grateful Dead” to bum out the hippies, and it worked. Hippies did in fact yell at me (as a side note- kids are lucky to have so many cliques to antagonize in highscool- hippies, jocks, white trash rednecks). Anyways, The Grateful Dead were always Public Enemy #1, and being a guitar nerd, I remember getting several guitar magazines with Jerry Garcia on the cover, which I promptly defaced via Sharpie, even though no one but me would ever know I had it. I got a new guitar mag in the mail the other day with that fat dork on it, and guess what my first instinct was?

I’m not all dislike and distaste, only mostly. Here are the few records I’ve been listening to in the past month or so.

  • Japandroids, Post-Nothing: I certainly was skeptical of these dudes based on their positive reviews, but I guess music blogs can’t have bad taste all the time. Very cool guitar sound and lots of good melodies. “Young Hearts Spark Fire” is my favorite song on the record.
  • Girls, Album: I was hooked the first time I heard “Hellhole Ratrace” (which I subsequently put on the “Dinnertime” playlist at my wedding. Ha!), which is undeniably their best track. I’ve also been known to repeatedly sing first few lines of Lust For Life over and over again while making dinner, much to the puzzlement of my wife: “Oh I wish I had a sun tan, I wish I had a pizza & a bottle of wine…”
  • Beatles, In Mono: My aforementioned (& wonderful) wife was kind enough to get me possibly the best (and definitely the nerdiest) birthday present ever when The Beatles In Mono Box Set arrived last week. I don’t really need to write much about it other than I much prefer the o.g. mono mixes contained within to the stereo mixes that I’ve always had, especially on Revolver. [Side note: I also had to buy the reissued version of Abbey Road, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be, which were always in stereo and thusly not in the box. That brings the total version of Let It Be that I own to 3.] I’m listening to them all chronologically at the moment.
  • Nirvana, Bleach remaster and Live At Reading: I got the Bleach remaster on wax from Sub Pop and listening to it super loud in my room made me feel like I was 13 again after a trip to the K-Mart in West Covina. Not my favorite Nirvana record, but I still love it, of course, and the remaster is very good- murky without being muddy. I’ve had a video bootleg of the Reading concert for a few years and have always loved it (along with the Live & Loud performance they did on MTV with Pat Smear after In Utero came out). I got the official version of the DVD when it came out and realized that not only is the whole show great, but the covers they did were fucking unbelievable. There’s no other way to describe the Fang cover, “The Money Will Roll Right In” than “Fucking Menacing.” Of course, the version of D-7 (by the Wipers, dorks) is rad as well.
  • Sunny Day Real Estate, Diary and LP2 reissues: Also of these last week, bringing my 2-day album total to 16  which is certainly a record for me*. Anyways, I’m glad I lead the charge to remaster Diary– it was undeniably one of my best ideas yet. It does sound a ton better, like it was recorded in a recording studio in 1997 as opposed to a carpet factory in 1993. LP2 never sounded really bad to begin with, but I’ve always liked the songs on Diary more. And now I realize, like Dan Hoerner says in the liners, that there is a lot of Slint in SDRE, which is cool and I’d never noticed before.

[*Ok, so this dorky “record” only involved getting records legitimately for my personal collection, since I probably got more than this, in promo form, for free from my old job. But 99.8% of those records sucked. And, it’s counting all the individual Beatles records, which I think is fair game.]


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One response to “Bands I’m Into Hating These Days & More

  1. Brett M.

    i like cold cave though i will admit the song ‘love comes close’ cuts it a little too close to a power, corruption & lies era new order and q lazzarus rip. i also dislike flaming lips and grateful dead but that one is a given.

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