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Oh, hey blog! What’s up?

Yeah, it’s been a while. Not much going on ’round these parts. Heatwaves, fires, power outages, humidity… typical Southern California late summertime action. I’m contemplating growing a pre-wedding beard, but A)I look like a child molester when I have even the slightest semblance of facial hair, and 2)Dawn might kick my ass. Either way, my hair will be pretty long in the weeks leading up to the wedding, as my haircut schedule doesn’t match up to my marriage schedule. I refuse to get 2 haircuts in less than a month. Continue reading



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The Business of The Business

It’s taken me a while to chill out after that last post, but I think I’ve reached my equilibrium once more. Here’s some shit that sucks way less than that horrible movie:

-Our wedding has a blog. How technological! I’m having a hard time not being pretentious and cynical on that one (see: “The wedding event of the Century-” sorry, I was a Marketing & Hyperbole major).
Check it out:
-Choosing menu items for said wedding- even though Dawn didn’t like my original Asian-fusion theme. Early California Homestyle, here we come! (The Chili theme was passed over as well- bummer.)
-Listening to the Paul’s Boutique reissue non-stop. The mix is way better, plus it sounds great on wax.
-Also listening to Spiritualized’s Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space almost as non-stop. It really is a masterpiece too. He’s doing a Don’t Look Back performance of the record in the UK and I would give my cousin Michael’s kidney to go. Sorry Michael, but that’s the price for tax advice.
-…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dads: The Century of Self- another really good plateful of jams.
-The time changing back. Unfortunately, this just makes laziness harder. Possible, but harder nonetheless (that’s what she said).
-iPhone OS 3.0: Yeah, copy & paste, finally.


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Current Bullshit

Here’s some current materialism for you. I used to put this stuff on my myspace, but, as we all know, myspace sucks balls.

Brian Eno: Another Green World
Public Enemy: It Takes A Nation of Millions…
Smashing Pumpkins: Machina II
Hot Snakes: Automatic Midnight
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Tender Prey
Kanye West: The College Dropout & Late Registration

Michael Pollan: The Omnivore’s Dillemma
Guitar Player Magazine
Vintage Guitar Magazine

Role Models

Guitar Shit:
Devi Ever Shoegazer
Line 6 DL4


New harddrives
Maxing out memory

Recent Concerts:
Mogwai @ The Wiltern (A)
Raconteurs @ The Greek (B)
My Bloody Valentine @ Santa Monica Civic (A-)

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Recent Happenings

Not too much, really.

-My Wolverine-like healing factor. After finishing some (eventually fantastic) Steak Au Poive in the oven, I grabbed the handle of my trusty All-Clad 10″ fry pan, only to absolutely sizzle the palm of my left hand with the most painful burn I’ve ever experienced.After several hours of palming a cold beer bottle (the shape contours nicely to the palm, of course), and some neosporin the pain subsided, and the blisters were gone in less than two days. Under a week later, there is almost no evidence of the event. Such an injury would have healed on our old X-Man freind in mere moments, but I like to think I’m somewhere in between Wolvie and an average dude.

-iPhone firmware v2.0. As if enough hasn’t already been written on the internet about this… I’ll keep it short. The iTunes servers crashing at about 8 am friday moring left me phoneless until about 1 pm. But jesus, it was definately worth it. The apps already available are great, and they’re only going to get great-er. If someone doesn’t write a Pro-Tools/Logic wireless controller app and a Kaoss Pad/theremin emulator, I’m gonna have to learn to code it myself.

-The Dark Night. I’ve successfully avoided seeing all previews for the movie, except the one I couldn’t avoid before (I think) Indian Jones ATKOTCS. I think I may be on to something here.

-Paul’s Boutique. My current musical obsession- especially Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun. One hell of a jam, and pretty fuckin’ gangster too. A whole album of miniature masterpeices.

EBow. Finally got one, and it’s super sweet. It seems to overdrive my pickups more than I remember the ones I’ve played in the past have. Maybe that’s just because I’m doing it right now. The one problem is that it can’t do chords, but that’s what cello/violin bows are for.

-Freedom Guitar San Diego. What guitar shops are closed on Saturdays? Re-fuckin-diculous. Our Fender Showman finding mission was cut tragically short. At least we got to go to the zoo… Oh, wait.

-San Diego Zoo. Yes, I’ve confirmed my hunch that zoos are a major bum-out. Most of the animals looked really depressed- especially the lions, bears (Sun and Grizzly) and the elephants, which I found quite disheartening since San Diego is considerered to be quite an advanced establishment. I’d hate to see the zoos that aren’t so generally well thought of. The gorillas seemed pretty impervious to the sweaty masses behind the glass, which was very cool. There was also a particularly active (and impressive) mountain lion- it chased after one small kid that ran by and totally stared down some other kid that was making growling noises at it. Had the majestic beast not been in a cage, the first kid would have been quite an afternoon snack. Awesome. They should let one zoo patron be devoured by a wild animal every year or so to keep everyone’s respect level up. I think the San Francisco Zoo has already implemented this program.

-Fireworks from the porch. One of the many benefits of the new pad.

-Oh, and I almost forgot: The God Delusion. Can’t put it down. My only critisicm is that I’m afraid I’ll like it so much I’ll finish it very quickly. Read it. Now.


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