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Fijian Scorecard

So much to the dismay of our credit cards, we decided to go gnarly and take our honeymoon in Fiji. And it was rad, of course (and actually, surprisingly cheap). While we were there I started typing up a journal, but then I got sick and lost interest in favor of sleeping and hanging out in the bathroom (maybe I’ll post it later). Here’s the condensed version: Continue reading



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Hypertext Is For Linking, Of Course.

  1. I’ve known Bryan since preschool, where we were in a gang together. That is not a joke.  I think we were called The Cobras and had customized camouflage t-shirts to back it up. I spent a lot of time at his house as a child- playing Excitebike, building Legos and practicing archery. Now he’s a globe-trotting creative, and I suggest you check out his burgeoning internet empire.
    Bryan’s Blog
    Bryan’s Tumblr
    Bryan’s FFFFound
    Bryan’s Flickr

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I Am So Bad At Blogging, pt. 2: The Month-Late Photoblog

Staycation, guys! Ugh, that term is about as overused these days as “recessionista,” “tweet,” and “Glen Beck Is A Terrorist.” Okay, not that last one, but I’m trying my hardest. But anyway, D and I were ready for a little work ditching, as I had just finished doing a bunch of rich whiny people’s taxes, and she had been working harder than anyone else in California, as per usual.
So a Friday was picked, work was ditched, and the mythical Catalina Island was the destination. D had never been there, and I went once when I was but a lad. The original plan was to lead off with an old person breakfast at the Carrow’s by our house, but that was of course trumped by laziness. Mastodon’s Leviathan was on the Subaru stereo. After barely (of course) making it to the ferry on time, we were off.

In the harbor, aboard the vessel.
My better half.
See what I mean?
Leaving the harbor.
Officially on the open sea.
Twas rather windy.
Though I was not fazed.
Remember this guy (and the people in front of him) for later.
South tip of the island.
And then it happened. The family in the picture above (in front of grey sweatshirt guy) decided to start throwing up, at the front of the boat- which was going pretty much top speed. You do the math. When my sunglasses started getting splashed, I thought it was the ocean. I was very mistaken. Grey sweatshirt guy, luckily for me (and unluckily for him) took the brunt of it, though my sweatshirt was out of commission for the rest of the trip. His may not have been salvageable. Poor guy. Also- the lady came to apologize to him, and the baby she was holding started throwing up again! I may not know too much about the seafaring life, but I do know you should avoid the highest point on the boat if you tend to get motion sick. 
We did make friends with the other thrown-up-upon people, and they took a picture of us, far away on the back of the boat.
Into Avalon Harbor.
My seafaring lass.
Friendly tourist pic.
We basically just did a bunch of hanging around, eating a bunch of food, and enjoying the weather.
And looking at fish via glass-bottom boat. Tourism!
Yes, that is a submarine.
At the end of the day, we walked down to this beach (it is a protected wildlife area) and just lazed around for a good while.
Rocky, but relaxing.
And Dawn almost fell in.
Back to reality. Or, at least Orange County.
 A patriotic afternoon voyage.
A bunch of dolphins started swimming in the boat wake after I took this picture, naturally.

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Two Blog Posts That Made My Day (Today)

Not that I was having a particularly bad day… but still.

From Idolator: Dissecting “Superstition” (the song, not the mystical belief). Very interesting to me because of the following- A: I am a recording nerd & B: It’s one of my favorite songs.

From Videogum: Uniting Humanity And Squirreldom. Dare I say, my heart was warmed. I’ve only recently begun realizing my fascination with animals. Growing up with 900 yapping dogs, a bunch of messy horses and a nutso parrott kind of gave me a distaste and exasperatuion for most of the animal kingdom, but thanks to Lindsay at Videogum (and Box Cat, and Nyack The Otter [RIP- too sad to link], and Foxes On The Trampoline, and Lazy Cat, and Baby Hippo, and Crazy Mini-Horse… christ, do I ever digress), I basically have the youtube-viewing habits of an 11 year old girl.

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