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Hypertext Is For Linking, Of Course.

  1. I’ve known Bryan since preschool, where we were in a gang together. That is not a joke.  I think we were called The Cobras and had customized camouflage t-shirts to back it up. I spent a lot of time at his house as a child- playing Excitebike, building Legos and practicing archery. Now he’s a globe-trotting creative, and I suggest you check out his burgeoning internet empire.
    Bryan’s Blog
    Bryan’s Tumblr
    Bryan’s FFFFound
    Bryan’s Flickr

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A Completely Random Gazpacho Of Ideas Sloshing Around In My Brain

First, let us ponder the following questions:

  • Can you name a Woodstock-era hippie that hasn’t sold out? Of course you cant. Example: Santana DVX Wine.
  • Why do you still hate me, Pandora Internet Radio? I’ve all but given up on you after the 2 Radiohead songs-into-Pink Floyd fiasco the other night. It’s like you’re trying to get me to blog about how much I hate the music you say I should like. I’ve cracked the theory and discovered my problem with Pandora- I’m too informed about music. I know what I like, and what is more, I know what I don’t like. The odds that Pandora is going to introduce me to something new are incredibly slim. Continue reading

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Back To/In The Swing Of Things

As unfortunate as it is, I think everyone gets a little sick of vacation. I’ve successfully avoided doing very much work (about 3 days worth) in the last 3 weeks or so, and as much as I enjoyed being on a couch by the fire in Paso or on a ski lift in Big Bear, I am more than glad to be home.
Here’s what I’ve been doing since I got back.
-Watching Mad Men (thanks Chase) on the new TV
-Playing Call of Duty: World At War (thanks Michael) on the new TV
-Recovering my sore muscles
-Reading The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain (thanks Tim)
-Listening to these: Roxy Music: s/t, Scott Walker: Scott, Paul McCartney: McCartney, Paul McCartney: Ram, Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex/Kill Yr Idols, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Murder Ballads, Explosions In The Sky: All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (thanks Chase).
-Exploring the wonderful world of the Micro POG (thanks Dawn).

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Things I’m Into: RIGHT NOW Edition

Apologies for the net-yelling. I wanted capitalizations, so deal with it.

Music: Blasts from the past:
The Get Up Kids (freshly reunited!)
The Descendents (RIP Frank Navetta)

Long forgotten webzines:
Suck dot com: I didnt make that a link because the site hasn’t been around for years, and I didn’t want to inadvertently trick anyone into clicking a porn link. I’m not sure that it is a porn link, but I’m at work and don’t want to find out [edit: the site is still there! Thanks wikipedia!]. Anyways, Suck was a back-in-the-day internet site that I thought was funny in my 14.4 dialup netscape days. I was just telling Dawn how my mom was dissatisfied with me because I had a graphic from the site as my desktop on my OG computer. Anywho, it was a picture of 2 socks with a sign that said “Live Fast, Die Young.” Needless to say, I don’t think she (my mom) got it. “They’re socks, mom!” I said. There was also a little blurb on the AV Club on how a bunch of their articles were made into a book. [Note: an (probably not) exhaustive google image search failed to retrieve said socks.]

Hating on the Weather:
Really? 94 degrees in the middle of November? Southern California, you’re a dick. Just a I had decided to embrace  the whole “Christmas decorations start even more incredibly earlier” thing, it becomes July again. [Note: This was originally gonna be a “Music for Winter” post, but I need a few days of sub-70 degree weather to get back in the mood.]

Doris Kearns Goodwin: Team Of Rivals
The latest in my “bought-as-a-gift-for-my-stepdad-and-then-stolen-back” series. You: “Ooooh, such a topical reading choice!”


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