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Well. God damn.

What a strange few days. I’m not goning to do any eulogizing (except: ilovemichaeljacksonandhewasthereasonifirstbeganlikeingmusicandwherewouldmusicandtheworldbewithouthim andhewasagniusandhegavealotofpeoplehappinesseventhoughheallegedlymadesomepeopleverysad. Ok, done. sorry), but I will say that when I was a little kid I had a red leather jacket with a bunch of zippers on it, and I wanted to be Michael Jackson. AND THAT WASN’T WEIRD AT THE TIME. Ahem.

And Farrah? She really died of anal cancer? Geez. Sorry Farrah.

And Ed McMahon, and Sky Saxon… And Lindsay leaving Videogum? SERIOUSLY GNAR WEEK, BRAHS.

At least we still have Beck though. He’s a little nuts, but listening to his Velvet Underground covers cheered me up.
I mean, how great would it be to roll down to Ocean Way (or Cello, or EastWest, or whatever the hell it is called now), grab some friends, have a hot blonde girl play sitar (I mean… I would teach Dawn to play sitar, duh), and record an entire album of great covers over a couple of days- just for fun?  Live the dream, Beck Hansen, Live The Dream.

And finally, Explosions In The Sky tomorrow- time to get our cinematic-hipster-emo on.



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Good Night & Good Luck, My Old Friend.

So, it finally happened. I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends this last weekend.

Yeah, I know… traumatic/dramatic. She required a princely sum to get running again, in addition to untold future investments- so I decided the do the economically smart thing and invest it in an otherwise more reliable vehicle:

And so now I join Maine residents and various other hippies as the proud owner of a Subaru. I am very proud of my absolutely pragmatic decision making.
Dawn played DJ on the way home (ipod connectivity!), and after the obligatory round of Hot Snakes, she made the best possible choice: 99 Problems- immediately easing my separation anxiety from the Red Dragon, at least temporarily. The first record you listen to in a certain situation is very important, I think. (Also noteworthy- the first song I heard on the car’s radio was Q-Tip. I didn’t even know he got played on Power 106 these days. Even so, a very good omen.)
So, I say a tearful goodbye to my friend of 12 years, and bid a bittersweet welcome to a new one.


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I’ve Got 96 Tears In 96 Eyes

I new something was up with my car this morning. Come to find out, it was bummed about Lux Interior’s passing. Well, that makes two of us, Jeep.
Sadly, I’ve got no pictures of me lurking out-of-focusly behind Lux. Oh well- check out the youtubes instead.
My favorite two Cramps songs:
I Was A Teenage Werewolf

& Human Fly

[Update: I came across what I thought is the best eulogy for Lux- written by none other than The Mighty Sw@mi  himself:

“no way only 95,000 people bought Bad Music. i’m guessing it’s 10 times that.
as important as the ramones or mozart. the cramps not only taught us songs
but a way of life. no one will ever be cooler than lux. he was badass lethal
and outrageously hilarious until the end
i mourn”]

I had finally come up with a plan to replace my car- however, it required my car to be driveable until at least September. Hopefully this is an easy (and cheap) repair, but that doesn’t usually happen.

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Ron Asheton

I love The Stooges. I’m very glad I got to experience them live. Thanks Ron.

(That’s me between the left elbow and headstock on either picture.)

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