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I Know This Kind Of Goes Without Saying, But…

Don’t judge someone based on how you see them portrayed on television.

Case In Point: Shane Powers might just be a fuckin’ genius, and at the very least- someone I would probably get along rather well with.
Background: Survivor is one of my favorite television shows for any number of reasons that I refuse to go into right now. And every season on Survivor there is at least one person that Bugs The Shit Out Of You. Oh his season of Survivor, Shane was That Guy- at least for me.
I always thought that I was a good enough judge of people to see through how the editors portrayed them on the show, but now it’s evident that I really can’t. Damn you, Mark Burnette and your crack team of reality designers. Read Shane’s blog and see how he’s actually a really cool (and really intelligent) guy. Shane Powers: sorry I judged you incorrectly. You seem like a rad dude. Thanks for the learning experience.

Today’s lesson: Don’t Judge People As Their TV Personalities Come Across- unless it’s Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or Jay Leno (they are indisputably real life assholes).


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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

[Or: Brian Steals His Ideas From The Head]

Writer’s block is the proverbial bitch. Let’s jack Travis Keller’s questions for people more notable and talented than I, shall we? I need something to fertilize my creativity.

1. What artist inspired you to create art?
Jimmy Page, Kurt Cobain, Ian MacKaye, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Spike Jonze

2. What or who still inspires you to keep on keeping on?
Dawn, family, fucked up music, Anthony Bourdain, Hemingway

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I know these dudes perhaps a little too well.

So read their blog: The National Hustle.
Hopefully googlers don’t get it confused with the fantastic line dance “The Nashville Hustle-” which was created in the 70’s after George Jones, hard up for bourbon cash, started covering Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony. The rest, as they say, is history.
As long as Matt continues to “lean” to the “left,” and as long as Camo keeps his writing reminiscent of his storied Crimson Chronicle past, I will keep their blog on my link list.

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The Blog That Was The Day That Was 11/4/08

By now everyone knows that Nov. 4th was kind of a big deal- but I always knew that. Here’s my day- keeping it real on a sweet b-day.

Awaken! Way too early!

The most crucial ingredient to any successful day- Italian Roast.

Coffee and (homemade, of course) cornbread. Desayuno de loscampeones.

First jam of the day, as told by a horribly out-of-focus phone pic.

Kristin: Ahead of the game. Thanks.

Exercise is horrible.

Get fancy for the DMV (it did no good).

Directly after I took this picture, some DMV guy walked by and said “About 1 hour from right here,” and pointed at me.

Ugh. My paperwork is piling up.

Fruits of labor.

Even bros vote around here.

The scene.

Civic duty: done.

Reward time: beastly present opening.

In the box- fuzzy destruction. My lady is the raddest.

[Note: There should be a picture here of Dawn and I dining at my favorite vegan restaurant , but I forgot to take one. We were getting the full hippie on.]

New shoes and the finest in punditry- Stewart/Colbert.

The rest of the audience: Dawn, Oliver, and Danielle.

Finally on the winning team.

We weren’t sure, so we had to check with these evil bastards (that’s Karl Rove’s fat ass attempting to hold back tears).

Celebrating patriotism like a Frenchman.

A fantastic end to a mostly fantastic day. Cheesecake!

Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much it. Sorry for the terrible formatting (thanks Blogger!) and the terrible pictures (thanks Lack of Skill!).


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The Best Junk Mail Ever?

Junk Mail: my truest, in every since of the phrase, Love/Hate Relationship. Sure, it’s one of the hugest ass-pains in modern society, but without it, where would we get gems like this one (allegedly from “GOPUSA Friends”):
Subject: “Chuck Norris To America: Wake Up!”
Of course, I didn’t open the message, but did I really need to? Nah. It says EVERYTHING in that subject line. I love that I’m even on the (obviously purchased) mailing list for these supposed “GOPUSA Friends.” It takes away the need to gloat.

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I did some of my own polling.

-Chance of celebration tomorrow: 96.3%
-Chance of cheesecake tomorrow: 100%
-Chance of UPS losing my birthday present (from Dawn), finding it, and subsequently delivering it last Saturday night between 6 & 10 pm: 100%
-Chance of my day being ruined by the DMV tomorrow: 30%
-Chance of my Halloween playlist having been awesome: 100%
-Chance of Proposition 8 supporters being horrible people: 100% (This one has been independently verified. BY REASON.)
-Chance of my brother and his friends being badass and stealing “about 30” Yes on 8 signs as well as “some” Yes on 4 signs: 100%
-Chance of me being sketched out that my polling place is a residence: 75%
-Chance of rain tomorrow: 20%
-Chance of me going to the record store tomorrow: 50%
-Chance of me buying a new guitar pedal in the next month: 95%
-Chance of my Dad or Grandpa waking me up with a phone call tomorrow morning: 85%
-Chance of above, plus my Mom or Sister: 100%
-Chance of me taking my birthday off work for the first time ever (except when I called in sick to work at CCS): 100%
-Chance of me watching a music DVD tomorrow (most likely a Beatles Anthology episode, or Refused Are Fucking Dead): 70%

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And, In Other News…

-Dare I say, things are looking up for my birthday. It’s weird having hope for the country. My inner ultra-negative cynic isn’t totally going away though.

-On a related note, if this whole election clusterfuck turns out favorably, I’d really like to visit Washington DC. I’ve always wanted to go (to the Smithsonian, especially), but banished the idea from my mind about, oh, eight years ago.

-This is a pretty funny article- not only because the idea of the Chinese Democracy record is hilarious, but they put up a picture of Radiohead instead of that cornrowed, football jersey-wearing fatty. I think Axl thinks they are the same band anyway, so that may just be the picture the record company sent. It’ll probably be taken down soon, and I dont know how to take a screenshot in (bleeeecccch) Windows. Check it quick!

-That is all.

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