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TOAF 6/8/09

“If it wasn’t for Christ, I’d be out there arming people…”
Then, a few moments later:
“What’s you name again, buddy?”

I can only imagine what the poor operator on the other line was thinking after getting this craziness espoused to him/her completely randomly. Ha!


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“I hear Rush, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura…”


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TOAF 4/9/09

“It’s the castration of American, and Obama’s the kingpin.”
followed by something about his citizenship that I couldn’t hear, then:
“It’s the breakup of the family fabric.”
“God bless America- we need it. Have a happy Holy Thursday and Good Friday…”
Kinda tame, but funny in a crazy nonsensical way.

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The Overheard Asshole Files (A New Feature)

This one requires a little background info. The office space that I work in is divided in half- one side is our (mine/boss’) and the other side is subletted out to another guy. The other guy in question, I have determined is quite possibly THE WORST PERSON EVER. Well, he’s no Hitler or anything (actually, if he wasn’t so lazy, he might be just as bad), but he’s certianly the one and only truly bad person I’ve ever met. He’s a born-again, a (relatively newly-minted) gun nut, an unbelieveable rascist, a sexist in league with O’Reilly, and just all around scumball sleazebag.
And no, I’ve not called him out yet- I’m saving up.
Anyway, being a blowhard-know-it-all is the most immediately noticiable of his many horrible traits. He doesn’t really do too much in the way of working, it’s mostly just barking ridiculous rhetorics and degradations at people over the phone and telling them how much more knowledgeable (then they) he is. He talks really loudly (so we can all hear him), so I am consistenly overhearing him, and I’m planning on making a log of some of the nearly unbelieveably things he says thoughout the day. Sorry everyone. It’s your turn to share in my misery.
3/26/08: “What are these guys smokin? yukyukyuk”
“These women don’t have God in their life- they just have no connection to reality”

You might think this is a bit of a slow start- but just wait. I promise it’ll get better/worse.

[Oh, I almost forgot- here’s an entry for yesterday: 3/25/08- He is listening to the Jurassic Park Soundtrack.]


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