Staving Off Further Brain Atrophy

Does the world really need another blog (or any blogs at all)?

Absolutely not. But I’ve got few other choices in this mind-numbing, soul-sucking world than to organize my thoughts onto the internet. Which is not to say I think it’s important that anybody reads them. My blog, like most of the shit I do, is a purely self-serving enterprise, and my only goal in writing it is keeping myself from forgetting how to use proper punctuation and spell my own name. It’s one of the only things I can do to counteract MTV and Fox News’ war on the brains of society.

So, if you are in fact reading this, thanks for indulging me without taking me seriously, because you really shouldn’t. I’m not going to profess to be fair-minded or even-handed, and I’ll probably make fun of your favorite band, your kids and most likely your religion. So fuck off. Oh yeah, this is also not necessarily a place for discussion, so if I don’t like your comment and don’t feel like ridiculing you, I’ll just delete it. Because I am an asshole.

Now that that is out of the way here are some barely-interesting tidbits about me.

Things I like: Dawn; guitars, amplifiers and effects; records; pragmatism; unnecessary sarcasm; necessary sarcasm; cats; making fun of bad decisions; Adidas Originals; eating; Anthony Bourdain; Apple; Mad Men; skateboarding; Conan O’Brien; the LA Lakers; The Cloud Mafia;; being a left wing asshole.

Things I dislike: hippies, white trash, most bands, the music industry, Republicans, high fructose corn syrup, everything being made in China, Orange County Residents, having to drive everywhere, Microsoft, Paso Robles CA, Nike, Proposition 8 and other assorted homophobia, cauliflower, misogyny.

First records I remember getting: The Cars, Billy Joel and the La Bamba Soundtrack

First concert: Huey Lewis & The News at the Mid-State Fair (ouch)

First conscious act of rebellion: listening to rap and liking it

Worst idea: growing an afro

First job: surf shop lackey with bad hair

First internet connection: 1996

First ambition: to be an astronaut

Latest ambition: self-preservation

Favorite authors: Hemingway, Sendak

Most ridiculous neurosis: getting drink lids from the middle of the stack


One response to “Staving Off Further Brain Atrophy

  1. Chase H.

    I just realized that our blog layouts are curiously similar and this is the first time i’ve ever even seen yours. i guess we are the same person.

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